A Barefoot Gal 5 Year Blogiversary Giveaway

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A Barefoot Gal

Hello everyone!

That’s right, it’s time for my annual blogiversary giveaway. Up until I typed out the title, I didn’t realize that come February 20th, I will have been blogging for five years! I guess I’ve been blogging for a little longer than I thought. 🙂

I’m never quite sure how to get into these posts, so here are a few stats for A Barefoot Gal:

  • This will be my 555th post, and I’m posting about my 5th blogiversary! Hah!
  • This blog has 106,888 total views as of the writing of this post.
  • And 23,276 visitors.
  • And 1,555 followers (so many fives!).
  • The average words per post go up with the years. It was 93 in 2014, 208 in 2015, 323 in 2016, 560 in 2017, and 634 in 2018.
  • Total words in all my posts combined: 179,157.
  • Most of the search terms that lead people…

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Post ideas needed!

post featured image (1)

I literally have no idea what to post! What do YOU want to see? Here are a couple ideas//categories for posts that y’all want to see:


  1. Devotional//Bible study series
  2. DIY//Crafting
  3. Desk tour//organization ideas
  4. The Lego Vlogs (still developing this but I’d love to work on it)
  5. Book reviews
  6. Tags//Q & A
  7. Recent photagraphy
  8. Planner//planing
  9. Other!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE please let me know what you want to see in the comments! I can’t wait to see your response.



One Year 💕 {GIVEAWAY!}

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Standing Firm in My Faith

One year of devotionals. Of posting and then not posting. Of users and followers coming and going. Of stories. One year of growing closer to God and sharing God’s word through this blog.

This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.

-Psalm 118:24 ESV

You may be wondering why I’m posting on a Monday. Actually you probably aren’t because I haven’t officially announced my Wednesday blogging schedule. 😛 Oh well.

Anyways, this is the reason why: Today is the one-year blogaversiary of Standing Firm in My Faith, and we also hit 50 followers a few days ago!

I cannot believe how much support that I’ve gotten through this blog, even when it was inactive. Ever since my cringey, messy, all-over-the-place, weirdly dramatic first post, I’ve grown as a blogger and in my faith!

In honor of this blog’s 1-year blogaversiary and 50-followers milestone…

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I’m Back// 2019 Goals + Word of the year

post featured imagepost featured image (1)

Do you like my new “hello” graphic? I LOVE the way it was before (in gif format), but it’s actually quite hard to do that so I did’t do it again. And I do like the way this one turned out! And the coloring/font choices work with my blog *grins*.

Anyway, today’s post is all about 2019! I can not believe that it is already 2019. 2018 seriously went by so fast! I actually still write 2017 when writing dates sometimes… xD.

post featured image (2)

I have a LOT of goals for 2019! They are separated into 5 different categories.


Have a fitness routine I currently don’t have a fitness routine, but I want to start one this year!

Play at least 1 volleyball season This is pretty self explanatory… but I want to play at least one volleyball season this year. Where I play, the seasons are winter and summer, so I might not be able to to do the summer season.


Read through the entire bible I actually have never done this before…but I have already started 🙂

Start a prayer journal I need to do this… but it should be pretty simple.


18-19 school year: at least 85% in ALL subjects Again, self explanatory! But I want to pass all my subjects lol.


~200 followers by December Ahh I don’t want to seem like I blog for followers, but I do want to grow my audience in 2019!

Post twice a week by December This goal is huge (and probably unachievable…) but I really want to try.

~50 followers on mailing list by December I really want to grow my email list this year 🙂

Grow YouTube channel My youtube channel is not really very good//grown, and I want to work on that this year!


Begin playing violin I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, and I think I will this year.

Start business I have so many ideas for different platforms, and I really want to achieve this this year!

Earn $150//Go to The Wilds camp The Wilds camp is an awesome Christian summer camp that I attended back in 2016. I want to go again (and I have to earn money to attend).
Those are (most of) my goals for the year! I’m really excited for 2019.

post featured image (3)

I learned about this idea a couple of years ago, but this year I decided to try it out!

For 2019, my word of the year is IMPACT.

I want to impact my family.

I want to impact my friends.

I want to impact my community.

I want to impact the world.

And… I want to impact you!

Pretty simple, but it is a really cool idea!


Thanks for reading! Let me know your goals for 2019 in the comments! See you next week 🙂null


3k subscribers || Giveaway!

Hello everyone! I am so excited for today’s post! We have reach 3,000 subscribers on Digital Diary which means it’s time for a giveaway! Todays giveaway is sponsored. 1 winner will be chosen and get to pick an item from the Etsy shop, The Striped Plaid & Co! The Striped Plaid & Co is an…

WaWa Stationery Washi Tape | Review + GIVEAWAY!

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Lula Boo

Happy National Pie Day!

Today, I’ll be reviewing and giving away products sponsored by an amazing Etsy shop called WaWaStationery! They are a small stationery company in New York that sells beautiful cards, stamps, stickers, stencils, washi tape, and more. Let’s take a look at what they sent me!

I will be reviewing the Assorted Season Colors Washi Tape Set!

Isn’t the wrapping pretty? 😀

Here is all the washi tape unwrapped! There are a total of 20 rolls, and the color scheme is meant to represent the four seasons. 😀 I especially love the summer colors. Washi tape has so many uses – I like using it for decorating letters and hanging things on the wall. If you’d like to win this tape, then fill out the form below to be entered into the giveaway! I will need your address if you win. 🙂

Be sure to…

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Goodbye! Christmas Break Bucket List



How are you today? I’m excited for Christmas break (it starts todaaaay yayyy). In case you didn’t read my blog post announcing it, I’m taking a month off. It seems like a long time, but I’m sure it will go quickly because it’s the holidays! I’m sure most of y’all (if you blog) will be doing the same thing 🙂

Anyway, today I decided to share a bucket list for my Christmas/School/Blogging break! Most of this involves hanging with my awesome cousins #sorrynotsorry.



baked cookies on black basin

SUGAR COOKIES! I’ve already made one batch of these awesome holiday cookies but I’m going to make two!!! more batches today to bring to my brother’s friend’s cookie decorating party.

person slicing green vegetable on chopping board

And… cook food? I legit have no clue why I picked this picture of some dude cutting an onion from Unsplash, but yeah. Cooking is on my holiday bucket list (and ofc eating it xD).


closeup photo of black piano near lighted Christmas tree

This picture is #goals! I love it sooo much. (it’s from Unsplash). I play piano, so playing lotsa Christmas Music is definitely on my bucket list.

people playing violin inside dim room

I don’t play violin, but my cousins do, and we’ll all be preforming Christmas music together (i’ll play piano) and that’s on my bucket list!

Hang out with Cousins

two women lying down on vehicle

I told you this would pretty much all be with my cousins! I have two that are legit my exact same age so we’re all BFFS. And all the pictures on Unsplash have people that look JUST like us… so yeah. I’m going to call them A and K.  (In case you’re wondering, I’m the one on the left with the dark hair and A is the one on the right– not actually but they look like us…) lol that was confusing.

Anyway, I guess lying on a random truck and talking to my cousin is on my bucket list? Maybe not the truck part, though!

three woman looking back and facing body of water

I love this picture! It reminds me of my cousins 🙂 I think I would be the one on the left, then A, then K.

Maybe going to the water is on my bucket list? Probably taking a boat ride, actually!

two women bending while holding hands

I love this picture, but I’m not sure how it relates to my bucket list haha. I do love spending time outside, though!

three women in train railway taking picture

Taking pictures with my cousins is definitely on my bucket list! I hope I can get some good pictures 🙂


woman sitting on swing

And, surprisingly enough, going to the playground IS on my bucket list! Em loves it so much, it’s so cute 🙂 Plus if hanging with my cousins is part of it, I’m in!


Did you enjoy the post? What is on your holiday bucket list?



My Four Year Blog Anniversary + GIVEAWAY!

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Clara & Co.

Today is my four-year blog anniversary! *throws confetti* I’m rather excited, and I hope you’re at least mildly enthused. 😀 In honor of this occasion, this post will feature highlights from my blog archives, interesting stats, sentimental thank-yous, and a super fun giveaway to top it all off. STICK AROUND. IT’S GONNA BE GREAT. *grabs your hand and drags you into the party*

We shall begin by looking through some of my old posts. Even though I really, really, REALLY don’t want to show you this… here’s the first picture I ever posted on my blog. *smiles bravely*

Isn’t it beautiful? :’D Yes, thine eyes do not deceive you – that’s a shoebox lid covered in crooked scrapbook paper. I don’t know why I thought dusty walls and gross-looking green towels were a good photo backdrop, but I did. I specifically bought that towel just to take photos on. *glares…

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SAVING MONEY… when shopping for Christmas!

tips for saving money when shopping for christmas_ FEATURED IMAGE.jpgletter-h-hello-animation

^^ man I really should make a new hello gif… the font on this one doesn’t work with my blog 😦

Anyway, hi guys! How has your week been? Mine has been good! Today’s post is all about saving money when shopping for Christmas! Let’s get started 🙂


why save money 1

  • You’re saving up money for something
  • You have a lot of people to buy gifts for
  • You don’t have a lot of money in the first place
  • You want to buy really special things for several people (like immediate family or really close friends)
  • You have to pay a lot for shipping because of your location so you need to budget less on products

That last one was kinda random… haha! Anyway, saving money is great even if you don’t really want a specific reason!

why save money 2

Tip 1- Don’t buy it just because it’s on sale… but sales are awesome too!

A lot of stores have sales during this time of year that may seem huge. Think “Our Biggest Sale Ever” “We can only afford to have this sale once a year” “This Sale only lasts one day”… yeah, that’s not always true! Sometimes these sales are fake… the prices aren’t really lowered at all! Another problem with sales- impulse buying! I am totally guilty of buying an item literally just because it was on sale. It comes in the mail and I’m like “Wait, I bought that?”.  Guys… DO NOT DO THIS. I am literally so so guilty of this… it’s so hard not to! Just don’t!

Don’t think I’m saying sales are awful! They are great… but go in with a plan! Before you open the website or enter the store, make a list of what you want to come out with. This can be super detailed- “yadayada green mug for mom, YadaYadaYada brand” or very general- “mug for mom”. If you have a good reason to stray from your plan, like you found exactly what mom is asking for on sale, then totally do so, but be discerning about when to do that.

Sales are kinda my bff, and they should totally be yours too- but don’t impulse buy and make a plan!

why save money 3

Tip 2: Don’t be scared to shop clearance/used!

A lot of people stay away from the clearance section… let alone used! This is actually pretty silly since with good judgement, clearance or used buys can be great.

In most stores, clearance is basically a section of marked down buys. You can ask the particular store’s staff why certain things are in clearance, but generally clearance contains items that are:

  • almost out of stock/no refill
  • not going to be sold anymore
  • a “clearing”- more room for new goodies!
  • just a special section for marked down items!

Clearance shouldn’t be scary! Generally, the items in it are the same quality as regular buys… just a better price!

The next step  from clearance is the “messed up” section. This sounds SUPER scary (I just made up the name, that’s not what they actually call it) but don’t freak out. Generally, this section contains items that are:

  • packaging is broken/messed up
  • item has smudge, small crack, or is a little dirty

The prices in this section are generally awesome! Before shying away from here, think about what you don’t like about it. If you’re going to unwrap the item before gifting, then messed up packaging doesn’t matter! If there’s a little dirt or dust on something, you can wash it off!

The highest step from clearance is the used section. Used buys vary! Some are great quality, never really used, but others are pretty messed up. Here are a couple rules of thumb when buying used:

  • don’t buy something unless there are pictures/VERY detailed description
  • look at ratings and reviews for the person you are buying from
  • go through a company like Amazon or Ebay
  • compare the price used to the price new (at different stores)
  • don’t be afraid to message the seller and negotiate/ask questions
  • look at the shipping/processing costs!

why save money 4

Tip 3- Use coupons!

Coupon codes are really helpful when shopping! They can give you a special price on an item. They seem quite scary, though, because they’re really hard to find! Googling coupons for “yadayadashop” will provide tons of coupons… but pretty much none of them work! I have had places that NEVER provide good coupons ask for money to see more coupons… not happening! Don’t spend hours looking for coupons, guys! Try honey!

Image result for honey coupon

Wait… what’s honey?

Honey is a 100% free browser extension that tries every possible coupon code for pretty much every site! It takes them about 5 seconds. Honestly, they haven’t ever saved me $45 (the most is probably $10 or $20) but that is still something! Plus it saves all the time of googling coupons.

Honey not only finds coupons, it “pays you back” for many stores. Most of the time this is 5-10% of your purchase. They pay you in honey gold (1000 pieces of honey gold= $10) that can be redeemed in the form of a gift card… to basically every store on the planet.

Honey has a TON of other features as well, like a droplist (you can save items and view if their price changes) and the ability on amazon to switch items out. If Honey finds the same thing for a lower price, they will let you know! It is SO helpful!

Guys… check honey out!


this is not an ad BTW… honey is just that awesome 🙂


Did you like this post? Will you be using this tips? See you next week 🙂 (or in the comments)null

Lula Boo Christmas Giveaways, Part 1 | ft. TheHungryJPEG

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Lula Boo

HappyInternational Ninja Day!

I cannot believe how fast Christmas is coming! 😮 I feel like November just began. To celebrate the Christmas season, I’m going to be hosting two giveaways! This first giveaway is sponsored by the TheHungryJPEG, a fantastic site for graphic designers that ishome to the latest premium bundles, fonts, graphics, crafts and many other design resources. I’d like to give a HUGE thanks to TheHungryJPEG for sponsoring this giveaway!

What can I win?

This is the fantastic bundle that I am giving away:

The Massive Clipart Bundle By TheHungryJPEG

This bundle is absolutely INCREDIBLE! Below, you can see an overview of what’s included in this bundle. Altogether, there’s a total of 4200 graphics! 😮


You can click here to get a closer look at the bundle!

How can I win?

This giveaway will have five winners! To enter, you must first make an account on TheHungryJPEG, and then fill out the…

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