Lula Boo Christmas Giveaways, Part 1 | ft. TheHungryJPEG

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Lula Boo

HappyInternational Ninja Day!

I cannot believe how fast Christmas is coming! 😮 I feel like November just began. To celebrate the Christmas season, I’m going to be hosting two giveaways! This first giveaway is sponsored by the TheHungryJPEG, a fantastic site for graphic designers that ishome to the latest premium bundles, fonts, graphics, crafts and many other design resources. I’d like to give a HUGE thanks to TheHungryJPEG for sponsoring this giveaway!

What can I win?

This is the fantastic bundle that I am giving away:

The Massive Clipart Bundle By TheHungryJPEG

This bundle is absolutely INCREDIBLE! Below, you can see an overview of what’s included in this bundle. Altogether, there’s a total of 4200 graphics! 😮


You can click here to get a closer look at the bundle!

How can I win?

This giveaway will have five winners! To enter, you must first make an account on TheHungryJPEG, and then fill out the…

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Holiday Break Schedule


How was your thanksgiving week? Mine was great! 

Like most bloggers, I’ll be taking a break for the holidays. I love blogging, but with traveling, family, and the relaxation of a break from school, I’d like to take a blogging break. As most of y’all know, I took a week off for Thanksgiving break (and I just realized that I actually only announced that to people that read my email list… sorry!). This break is actually going to be for an entire month! Hopefully I will actually get some blogging done during this break (like YLFC posts and scheduling things ahead).

Here’s a fun little graphic I made that I will be putting up on the home page of C & C (plus get ready for some fun Christmas-y design changes to the blog!)

See you guys next Friday! Are you taking a break for the holidays?


Decorating for Fall: 3 simple ideas + inspiration

Text placeholder

I’ve been trying to decorate for fall lately, so I thought I’d share my ideas with y’all! Fall is my favorite season based on weather, and I love decorating for fall (and spring).


  • Fall Quotes Printables  – You can find adorable printable fall quotes for free online, and it’s a great way to decorate for fall. You can put them in a frame, hang them with washi tape if you don’t want to damage your wall, or add magnets to them and display them on your mirror or fridge. The one below is adorable!

Free Printable Give Thanks


  • Use Thanksgiving Decor- Fall means thanksgiving, right? If you’re American, Thanksgiving is a HUGE fall holiday. Pumpkins, gratitude quotes, and turkeys are part of Thanksgiving and fall, so use them when decorating for fall!Image result for thanksgiving decor


This fall/thanksgiving decor is so cute!

  • Use Candy

Candy corn and fall colored M&Ms actually look super cute as fall decor! Plus, little kids love them.

Related image


These fall colored m&ms are so adorable in a Mason jar!

Image result for candy corn fall decor


This spread includes both actual candy corn and the colors of candy corn- so cute!




How cute is this? It looks pretty easy, and you could make lots of variations on it. Plus, everything could be found at the dollar store, so you could make the entire project (4 frames) for less than $10!

Toilet Paper Pumpkins!!! How to make pumpkins out of toilet paper. I LOVE THIS! #toiletpaperpumpkins #pumpkincrafts #DIYfalldecor


Ummm… yes! I’ve done this before, and it’s really quite easy. I’m guessing that it would probably be $10 to do maybe 6-10 of these pumpkins. It really depends on the fabric you choose and if you have any extra toilet paper that you could use so you didn’t have to buy any.

Crafts : DIY Pumpkin Jar Tutorial by


This is a great idea! If you have paint and mason jars around, you could do this for free, but you could add the knobs and fake leaves to make it extra adorable. I’m sure you have some sort of jars around (they don’t have to be mason, either) so I think the maximum cost is $5 (for just paint, in at least 4 colors). This is adorable, and I think that I’m definitely going to try this.

I hope you like these ideas! I’m going to go make some fall decor DIYS now!

What is your favorite fall decor idea?


The Blogger Box Blog Tour!!


I’m super excited to be a part of Clara’s new business tour- The Blogger Box! The Blogger Box sounds very useful and helpful for bloggers, and I’m really excited about it. Today’s post will feature an interview with Clara and lots of fun information about the Blogger Box… just in time for the release on November 12! Let’s get started with the interview.


The Interview:

My questions are in black, and Clara’s answers are in orange (fitting with her current blog theme lol).

1. What inspired you to create the Blogger box?
When I first started blogging, I saw a lot of bloggers posting about subscription boxes and got interested in them. I began to wonder if there was a box made specifically for bloggers, so I started searching for one. After being unable to find anything, I was inspired to create my own!
2. Will you, as a blogger, be using the Blogger Box? If so, how?
I will not be personally using the items included in the boxes, because I want to save them for my customers! However, I can’t wait to see how they help other bloggers. 🙂
3. What was/is the hardest part about being a teen entrepreneur and business owner?
I didn’t have much prior experience about how a business works, so starting The Blogger Box was a big learning process for me. It was definitely a struggle to find the best prices on items I needed, to come up with the branding I wanted, etc. However, I’m so glad that I pushed through because I have a much clearer vision now as to where I want this business to go.
4. What was/is your favorite part about launching your own business?
I love that this business is something that I personally would use and that I can use it to inspire fellow bloggers. It’s been a very exciting endeavor, and I can’t wait to see where it takes me in the future!
5. What is your biggest tip to teens looking to start their own businesses?
Don’t give up! You may not see right away how to make your idea a reality, but that doesn’t mean it can’t happen. Research, brainstorm, talk to successful business owners – do anything you can to figure out how to make your business work. Stick with it and you’ll be so glad that you did!

Soo… What exactly is the Blogger Box?

I’m glad you asked! Here is a snippet from Clara’s original blog post about the Blogger Box:

“The Blogger Box is a box created for bloggers, Instagrammers, YouTubers, and pretty much any other online creator looking for some inspiration. Each box will contain a variety of creative, fun items to help creators spark new ideas, think outside the box, and create better content than ever before. 💡🎉

The idea for The Blogger Box began after I discovered the world of subscription boxes. I thought the whole idea was super cool, but I couldn’t find what I wanted most – a subscription box created specifically for bloggers. Just like that, inspiration for The Blogger Box was born. My goal with these boxes is to inspire bloggers to make their blogs unique and creative and have fun while doing it!”

Awesome, right? Here’s a little sneak peek at the first blogger box:


All of those things sound awesome… fellow bloggers, you need this!
Here’s a little sneak peek at the actual box:
I love the sleek, modern, and minimalist design! Plus the backdrop in the pictures is so cute! *heart eyes*


Sorry, you’re going to have to wait until November 12- only 4 days! You can do it!

In the meantime, check out:

the Blogger Box Instagram

Clara’s Blog (exclusive blogger box giveaway going on RIGHT NOW)

^^^click those links^^^^^


Thanks Clara for letting me be a part of this! This is awesome, and I can’t wait for the official release!


p.s. a friend told me that lol is actually a person drowning (waving their arms), and i literally can not look at it the same way. plus my computer puts a little blue line under it (grammatical error symbol) which looks like water. i will never see lol the same way again!

The Blogger Box Blog Tour + WIN A FREE BOX

This is a repost 🙂

Clara & Co.


Happy weekend, friends! I’m so excited for today’s post, because I’ll be kicking off the blog tour announcing the launch of The Blogger Box! 😀 In case any of you didn’t see my previous post, The Blogger Box is my brand new business: an innovative box for bloggers of all levels and niches. Each box is designed to help bloggers make their posts unique and creative – and have fun while doing it! I am so, SO excited to finally be launching this, and I really hope you guys will love it!


The boxes will be $30.00 + free shipping in the U.S. They will available for purchase on November 12th. I will be posting on the 12th with a link to the shop and the winner of the giveaway (see below)!

Several wonderful friends from around the blogosphere are participating in The Blogger Box launch tour! If…

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Calling All The World Changers

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Pointe to Christ

Calling All The World Changers!.pngI live in a world where every 40 seconds, somebody takes their own life.

I live in a world where there have been 154 mass shootings this year, so far.

I live in a world where every hour, at least two people hear the words “you have cancer”.

I live in a world where 50 unborn children die every hour from abortion.

I live in a world where 160,000 teens skip school every day due to bullying.

I live in a world where there are nearly 210 million orphans waiting for a home.

I live in a world where 350 million people are fighting depression.

I live in a world where it’s normal to see another murder on the news.

I live in a world where 1.6 million people go into hospice in America every year.

I live in a world where $276 billion dollars is spent on drugs and…

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Blog Party!!



Today I decided to host a blog party! I’m super excited about this.

Here’s how it’s going to work:

  1. You comment below with a link to your blog
  2. If you want, I can add your featured image/blog button/header to the page as well. Just say “include my blog button, that is on my blog buttons page, please” or “please include my header (it is on the top of my site when you click the link)”.
  3. I will be adding new links to the page until next Friday. After that, the page will still be up, but I will not be adding new links to it.

And the rules for what you can include:

  1. You can send a link to your own blog, or you can send a link to another website or blog (if it is not your own, I will not take any images from the site). If you are part of any group blogs, you can use those, and I will add images if you have permission of the leader/owner.
  2. The blog/site must be appropriate, and something that you think I would like (most of my readers are similar to me). So I don’t really think that a sports blog is a great idea, because that is not really what I post here-  so no one is looking for that sort of think.

Also, if you participate, I made some posters/buttons to put on your blog. You can pick whichever one you like best/works with your color scheme best. Here they are:


All right! The blog party starts… NOW!!! Yay!!!

Rhi- Marshmallow Harmonies

Autumn- Autumn’s Angle

Ara- Sparks of Ara

Hello everyone, I’m Liz and I blog over at 🙂

Happy blog party! I’m Christina from Creative Critique. I’m not a creativity critic but I can’t think of a better name.



Hey there! My name’s Julia I blog about life, books, writing, and God, over at Lit Aflame (

Maddy- Maddy’s Digital Diary

Hello everyone! My name is Maddy and I blog at where I share my photography. Photography has always been a passion of mine and I love having a place where I can share my photos with others. 💕


Hi guys! I’m Emmie, a Christian / writer / dancer / artist / amateur coder who blogs about my dolls at and my faith at

Hi 👋 😉 I’m Grace and I blog at




Answers// Q & A


Thank y’all so much for sending in awesome questions! This was such a fun post 🙂


Laura- Lula Boo

Do you like baking?

Yes, I love to bake! It’s so much fun 🙂 Some of my favorite things to make are pumpkin bread (my own recipe!), chocolate chip cookies, whole wheat bread, dinner rolls, and brownies.

Have you ever been on TV?

Nope! I’ve never been on TV!

Do you enjoy traveling?

Well, kinda. If you mean the actual trip (car ride, plane ride, …) mostly. I don’t really enjoy riding on planes, but I do like car trips.  It’s fun to bring lots of books, art supplies, movies, and audio books (plus going to the library the day before to get lots of new books is so fun!). I also like visiting different states. I’ve never been somewhere that wasn’t in the US (except, of course, for Alaska and Hawaii, but they obviously don’t count). I have kinda been in Canada though??? Maybe?? lol.

Do you enjoy fall?

Yes! Even though we don’t get a full fall here in Florida, I love fall! It’s so pretty, and the weather is great. Plus you get to wear cute clothes XD.

Have you ever traveled out of the country?

I think I might have been to Canada before (like driving/flying through), but I’m not sure. I have lived in Alaska and been to Hawaii, but I don’t think those count.

What book are you currently reading?

I’m reading On the Incarnation, the Dragon and the Raven, Not Regina, Wonder, the girl who could fly… XD

Books or movies?

Generally, I prefer books, but there are some things (like LOTR) that are better in movies?So, I’m just going to say books, XD.

What is your favorite season?

This is hard! I live in Florida so we really only really get a real Summer, haha, but I love fall. It’s got great weather and it’s also really pretty (not in Florida though, XD).

Favorite food?

I love almost any food except every seafood and some kinds of meat (and eggplant, blech!). This is so hard!

Favorite movie?

ALL the Lord of the Rings movies, but I do like the Princess Bride too! I love a lot of movies, though.


This is SO hard! I’m not sure, haha! I love most books that I read, though, so yeah!

TV series?

I don’t really know, because we don’t really watch TV. So you guys should tell me YOUR favorite TV show so I can know which one I would like!

Favorite animal?

Cheetah? XD


Ooooh, mint green! And a little (non-sparkly) gold with that! 🙂


Okay, Kaylyn has the best questions! LOL I have no idea… I love lots of candy. Chocolate is great (with caramel/peanut butter- so good), but I also like Skittles and ALL. THE. CANDY. So yeah. XD

What is your favorite flower?

Lilies and roses are awesome, but I think that all flowers are adorable.

What is your favorite animal?


What is your favorite sea animal?

Dolphins are so cute, so obviously, but I also like turtles.

What is your favorite candy?

Good question! I love so many kinds of candy, but chocolate is the best! But give me pretty much any candy and I will be happy, haha.

What is your favorites book series?

LOTR is great, little house on the prairie was my favorite when I was younger, and I love Narnia.

What is your favorite TV show?

I don’t really have one (we don’t really watch TV).

What type of camera do you use?

I use a Canon Powershot G15, and it works well! It’s very easy to use (but still complicated enough to be fun haha) and I certainly recommend it!

Did you ever have a blog before this one? Like a cring-y first try blog? (I did.)

I did! It was on blogspot and was a lot of fun. I don’t really think anyone read it (sad then, but yay now, XD). It’s a really good idea to start on your own with a private blog or something so you can get used to blogging.

What are you absolutely hoping for this Christmas?

Wow, good question, Hazel! I’m not sure! What do you guys think I should put on my wishlist?

Pet peeve?

Lots of things. Like people opening their windows and turning the AC off in the car, and it literally just makes it hotter and bugs come in, and I need to stop ranting lol.

Favourite photo you’ve ever taken?

Oh, Rhi, this is so hard! I really don’t know, haha! What’s your favorite photo I’ve ever taken?

Favourite blog/s?

Oohh, I love lots of blogs. I only put blogs on my blog buttons page that I really love, so check that out. (If you want to be put on there, go  to that page and comment letting me know. I will check out your blog and put a link and button up).

Favourite item of clothing?

Oh, this is hard too. I love my jean shorts, my new grey cardi, and my pink flats, but also pretty much everything else in my closet, haha.

Hudson Amelia Cuffed Knee Shorts

My fav shorts look like these (but these are not the exact ones). PHOTO CREDIT

Link to my specific grey cardigan on ThredUp (in the picture, it doesn’t look very good, but it does in reality!)

Link to my specific pink ballet flats on Target

Least liked colour?

Oh wow, LEAST liked color! Very original. I’m going to have to say bright red. Fire engine red is not very pretty, and I don’t love it. But, the color does look adorable on Gracie’s Converse!

What is your favorite food?

I don’t like seafood or eggplant, but I do like pretty much everything else, haha.

Who are three people you look up to for inspiration and motivation?

Wow, this is hard. I’m going to go with my Mom and both of my Grandmothers. There are lots of others too, but they are pretty big.

What is your favorite subject in school?

I love my science curriculum this year (Apologia) and I do really like Omnibus Secondary.

What is your favorite Childhood memory?

Playing with our church friends in Alaska; we did so many crazy things, but it was so fun ❤

Would you rather live on the beach or in the mountains?

Wow, this is so hard! I would probably pick the mountains right now (cold sounds awesome), but a beach house would be so relaxing.

Favorite Netflix or TV show?

Our family doesn’t really watch TV (or have Netflix) so I don’t really have one.

Least favorite thing about blogging?

Spam/hate comments. On some of my posts, I have received a lot of hate and it is always very hard to know how to respond. Spam comments are annoying, and sometimes inappropriate.

Biggest Celebrity inspiration?

Hmm, I’m not sure.


What is your favorite book?

Ahhh I have no idea…

but seriously Roll of Thunder Hear my cry is so beautiful, and you need Martin Hospitality in your life right now, and I could talk about this for hours, XD.

What is your favorite book in the Bible?

Hmmm… Ruth and Esther are great, Proverbs and Psalms are also awesome, and Romans, Galatians, 1 and 2 Corinthians, and Titus are also very helpful.

What is your favorite emoji?

Thank you Averey, for a chance to look through all the emojis for 10 minutes, haha. I use 😜 and ❤ most often, though.

Which sibling are you the closest too?

I have 3 other siblings, C (9), J (7), and E (2), and they are not very close in ago to me. I love E so much (but she is annoying sometimes, lol) but C and J are annoying all the time (plus they’re little boys, we’ll give them that). I think I am the same closeness to all of them, but what we do together is different depending on each one.


Well, thanks for reading! See y’all next week 🙂null

Ask Away// Q & A UPDATE

I wanted to pop in really quick and tell y’all thank you so much for asking me questions! So far, I have had 10 people ask me multiple questions, and it has been great (in only one day! Wow!). 

But, if you want to ask a question, please do it by Wednesday. I’m going to schedule the post for Friday on Thursday morning, so I’d like all of the questions in by Wednesday night (or early Thursday morning would be fine too).  So you have today and tomorrow to ask questions if you haven’t yet!

Thanks so much for asking me questions! Y’all have sent in some really fun ones! ❤


Ask Away// Q & A


I’m going to do a Q and A, so I need questions!

RULES (for questions):

  • nothing personal (I can’t share where I live specifically, my age, my picture, you get the picture!)
  • I have the right to pick which ones to answer
  • You can send as many as you like!