back to school outfit ideas

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When this post goes up I’ll be at school (the first day!!). Right now I’m pretty nervous but also really excited. ❤ When do you start school?

yes I know I’m one of those really weird people who likes school haha. the thing is all school year I can’t wait for summer and when summer gets here (past the first week or so) I get really bored and can’t wait for summer. it’s weird 😂

ANYWAY. Today I’m going to be sharing some back to school outfit ideas 🙂 Obviously these are if you don’t wear a uniform (I will be) but I guess you could wear them anytime.

let’s get started!
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a summer photo dump

summer photo dump.png

I just realized that I hadn’t done a photo dump in a while and I wanted to do one! Some of these pictures are from all the way back in May (one is from April!!) but most of them are from the end of June or this month!

This picture is actually from Mother’s Day! We got roses for Mom, and this is the only picture that turned out of them 😦 They were so pretty though!
Ahh such a cutie. I love her little dirty face (guys I promise it is clean most of the time, I just always end up taking pictures of it’s when it’s dirty!) but I have no idea what to think of her expression? Is it a smirk/smile/I HAVE NO CLUE. ahem.
The many moods of Miss Emily. 😂
This is her serious face… 
These playing piano pictures are SOO hard. This is the only one that came out good, and I like it! It was hard to get the fingers realistic (they’re mine – I did a timer) so I played the beginning of one piece over and over again to get a picture. 
This was my first time really attempting to get sunset pictures, and I think they turned out pretty well. I was outside at the very end of the sunset so they’re not quite as bright but the colors are still amazing!
I really like this picture – the plant is weird but it makes the whole thing come together.
This picture was soo hard to take but it was worth it!!
This one didn’t turn out that great, but I liked the colors so I decided to keep it. What do you think?
I took this during the rain – I was leaning off the porch so my camera wouldn’t get wet. It’s a little blurry but I like the bright green grass.
I love/hate this picture. I like the colors, little bit of bokeh, and the raindrops, but the flowers are blurry 😦 
The raindrops are so pretty, but it’s hard to take closeups without a micro lens.
I love the bokeh in this picture!!


Totally random picture of my shoes (actually, they’re my moms lol) on Sunday morning.
The lighting in this picture is TERRIBLE but ignore that. I just love how cute she is in my glasses!! 

Did you enjoy seeing the pictures? As usual most of them are of Emily 😂 (#sorrynotsorry)

❤ bye,


r a i n b o w s

body of water during daytime

Rainbows. A picture of God’s promises to us. But most recently, a picture of how much we’ve strayed from God’s plan for us.

Genesis 9:13

I have set my bow in the cloud, and it shall be a sign of the covenant between me and the earth.

Rainbows bring me so much joy. Every time I see them, I’m reminded of God’s love for me and the priceless gift that he’s given me (Jesus).

But recently, I can’t draw or admire a rainbow without seeming like I’m supporting a cause that I don’t. I can’t wear a rainbow t-shirt or rainbow converse without being stopped and admired for supporting something I don’t support.

What we’ve done with rainbows is almost laughing at God.

We take God’s precious promise to us and put it on flags, signs, shirts, and everything we can imagine. But not as a reminder of his love- oh, no! As a reminder of our rebellion toward him. We say “Oh, that priceless gift you’ve given us? Yeah, I love it! I use it to proclaim something that you hate.”

But you know something? In a way, what we’ve done with rainbows can almost be good. Every time we use a rainbow to support something bad, we’re also reminded of God’s promises.

He will never leave or us or forsake us. (Deuteronomy 31:6)

Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. (John 14:6)

The Lord will fight for you. (Exodus 14:14)

If the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed. (John 8:36)

The Lord your God will be with you wherever you go. (Joshua 1:9)

God works all things for good for those who love him. (Romans 8:28)

And most importantly-

God so loved the world that he gave his only son so that whoever believes in him will not perish but but have eternal life. (John 3:16)

So next time you see a rainbow or even a rainbow flag, remember God’s promises.

Sorry for the short post, but this was on my heart ❤




Pananaw Blog Launch Tour 🎉

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Note: I’m still on break! I had already committed to doing this, though. 🙂 


How are you guys?? Today is SUPER exciting because Jo’s new blog, Pananaw, launches tomorrow! If you have no idea who Jo is , check her former blog out (she decided to change things up a little) here: The Lens and The Hard Drive. (Her blog is awesome. Guys she feeds us COOKIES – inedible ones, but what does that matter?)

Jo decided to split her link up into five days, so every day of the blog tour you’ll find a new part of the link! At the end of the post, I’ll share a schedule and you can go back and read those posts on other blogs to find the other parts of the link 🙂 Tomorrow’s posts will share the entire link.

Interview with Ricky from “The A’s and B’s of Normal”

Today I’m going to be sharing an interview with Jo’s character, Ricky!

  • Ricky, what do you wish people knew about you?

That sometimes I’m loopy, but I can be serious and I DO know what I’m talking about! Half of the time. The other half I just sit around and pretend I can fly- which makes no sense because if I sit around, how on earth can I pretend I can fly? *shrugs* Like what is up with that? Anyway.

  • What do people normally assume about you because you have ADD? What would you say about it?

Weeeeelllll, people assume a lot- like that I can’t concentrate at all and I’m a poor child and I should have meds but I legit wrote a book about it if they really wanna know the good tea just saying. Speaking of tea I wanna drink now. Of something. Ice water maybe.

  • What’s your favorite thing about yourself?

…………uhhhhhhhhhhhh… um.. good question. That I don’t know how to answer. I like that I can find adventures anywhere and also that I have an unlimited supple to bacon crumbles. Mweheheehehehehe.

  • What’s your favorite thing about your parents?

Now THAT I can answer!  I love that they care so so much, and no matter where I am or what I’ve done or anything crazy I’ve cooked up with, they still love me and don’t talk down to me and they listen to me. Also Dad is a very nice hugger. And also that even though I’m different they still treat me like they do Jose (aka the only normal kid in our family- remind me to tell you about him sometime. He’s weird.)

  • If you could go anywhere for a week (even a fictional place), where would you go?

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH—This is hard. It’s a toss-up between Middle-Earth, Asgard, Wakanda, Narnia, or my tita’s house in Boracay Island. They’re all great places.

  • Can you describe your brain in one picture?

..O_O Um

.Image result for explosions


  • If you had a life book, what would it be called? (lol I completely forgot that she DOES!)

*chokes on drink and dies laughing* Sorry, I don’t mean to be rude or anything, but I DO have a life book! For now it’s called The A’s & B’s of Normal, but it’ll probably change since the whole thing is a mess. Ah well. I worked really hard on it, so at least I can say I tried, right?

  • What is your ideal best friend like?

One word: OLIVIA. She’s awfully bossy and basically takes over the title of “Ricky’s personal life coach” which is sometimes really annoying but also really helpful. And she cares about stuff even if she’s not interested in it herself and like, she has all this encouragement pouring from her heart and it’s lowkey the best thing ever. So yeah. Olivia!

  • What is your life in one song?

Ummmmmmmmmmmmm… OOH! Winner’s Never Quit by Owl City! That’s literally the walking definition of me and it’s really catchy. I love it so. *dances and trips on chair*

  • What’s your favorite fictional family?

….I think I really like the Bhaer family from Little Men. It’s a seriously warm and yellow vibe and I’m glad I got to read that in fourth grade because seriously it’s so sweet and I actually wrote self insert fanfic for it once, that’s how much I love it and I wish they would turn it into a movie but not mess it up LIKE THIS ONE MOVIE I SAW THAT BROKE ME POOR HEART- er, what we talking about again?

Lol wasn’t the interview great! Thank you Jo for letting me participate!! ❤


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Thank y’all for reading! Stay tuned for the release of the link to Jo’s AWESOME NEW BLOG!


When you think you need a break… *please read*

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I’m so excited for summer to come!!! When do y’all (well, those of you who are still in school) get out for summer break, if you have one?

I know that I don’t normally post on Wednesdays, but today I wanted to talk with you guys for a minute. So this post will be really short 🙂 Anyway…

I think I need a break from blogging.

There, I said it. 😳

Also eep I promise I’m not leaving!!! I love you guys and blogging has been SO beneficial for me!!! So many bloggers have quit lately and I’m not going to 🙂


Honestly, I have a couple reasons that formed my decision to take a break.

  1. School – Finals are getting close! I need to study really hard and there’s a lot of work at the end of the year that I need to do. Right now, school is more important than blogging, so I think I need to slow down on blogging.
  2. Burnout – To say that I’m burnt out is a bit of an exaggeration, but staying on top of writing posts, taking pictures, working on collab blogs, and podcast episodes is getting really hard – let alone balancing my blog with school, sports, music and family commitments!

In a recent podcast episode, I talked about this very topic – and recommended a break for any blogger facing this trouble. As I thought about it, I realized that I needed a break! To be honest, I feel bad. I feel bad for even thinking about taking a break myself. Hello hypocritical!! I don’t need to feel bad for taking a needed break – and you shouldn’t either! Guys, if you want to take a break, then DO IT. Don’t worry about it!

What does this mean?

Honestly, I have no clue. I might not blog for three months. I might not blog for two weeks. Though I do promise that I’ll be back!

 I’m taking an indefinite haitus from blogging and blog related things. That includes emails, podcast, and posts. I’ll probably be interacting on your posts just as much as usual, but I need to stop spending hours on that too.


I don’t know when I’ll  be writing a post next, but I have one coming out on the 13th that I scheduled a while ago. Like I said, I love you guys and am not leaving blogging!! 😉❤


How to take advantage of Spring Break

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It seems like a lot of people already had Spring Break… I’m probably the only one who has it this week 😂 But if you haven’t had your spring break already, here are three ways to take advantage of the week off!


❶ – Write extra

If you’re writing a novel, novella, story, or anything in between, take advantage of this week to write extra! You can set a specific goal or just make your goal “to write a lot”. If you’re not writing anything but want to, this is a great time to start that too! Your writing could even be for a blog or school project (or maybe not, because you should never do school on spring break. It’s a rule. That I have broken many times 😂 Actually it’s not a rule and it’s pretty smart!)

BONUS: If you’re doing Camp NaNo’s April session and your spring break falls in April, you’re in luck! 

❷ – Throw a party for no reason

… how is this a way to take advantage of Spring Break? I don’t know. But it would be fun! Throw a surprise party for someone with no reason. You could even do it for someone you don’t know (where do I come up with these ideas… don’t do this guys you could be killed.) Send someone a package full of presents for no reason. Basically, have fun and throw lots of parties. And make sure you know the person. 😂 🎉

Also, be sure to go to work so you can earn money to throw all these parties for no reason. 

❸ – Get organized

TIP: start cleaning before your Mom starts Spring Cleaning (oh the horrors) and you will have an excuse to back out of spring cleaning. JK.

Organizing is always a great idea! It’s also a great way to productively use your break 😜 Since you have a lot of time available, you can get organized. You could clean/organize your room, backpack, school stuff, or anything really, and when school rolls back around you’ll be extra-prepared.

and you just could

  Do schoolwork. Okay there I said it. Don’t kill me! But seriously, Spring Break is a great time to catch up or get ahead… sometimes. Other times you should just take naps (seriously!).


What are you going to be doing over Spring Break? Have you ever thrown a party for someone you didn’t know? (guys I do not know where I come up with things like this. Don’t get any ideas children.)


What are your assumptions about me?

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I had planned to do “A day in the life of Emily” today, but I decided that there was a little too many pictures of Emily on here, haha. I have seen so many youtubers do this, and Maggie did it recently, which inspired me to do this also! So here’s how this will work:

  • You put your assumptions about me in the contact form below (I removed the need for an account so I won’t see who you are- that will make it easier for y’all to be honest!)



Example Assumptions:


    You’re tall

  • You like dogs

  • You love the color green 

When I get enough responses, then I’ll post my reactions 🙂


February Review//March Goals

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To be honest, I can’t believe that it’s March already! It feels like it was just New Year’s! So many amazing things have happened already this year! I’ve made a ton of awesome changes on C & C, Ariana and some other awesome ladies launched a new blog, and so many other bloggers have launched businesses or products! Y’all. 2019 is OUR YEAR! Anyway…


Reviewing February

sooo…. I didn’t do quite as well as I had hoped on my goals this month. But that’s okay! Some of my goals were a bit too ambitious and I’m hoping to tone it down a little bit this month (more, but smaller goals).

p e r s o n a l

1) Walk every day I think I intentionally took a walk like three times this month… TOTAL failure. 😛

2) Read through Numbers Yay! I actually did great on this one and I’m already done with Joshua! (As of Sunday the 24th when I’m writing this) I’m thrilled that I was able to complete this goal! 

3) Journal every day I journaled once this month. On the third. Wow. I totally failed AGAIN. heehee I knew I would fail this one though… 

b l o g g i n g

1) Post every Monday and Friday YAY! I actually did this 🙂 Sooo happy to have done this!!

2) Send out emails every week I did it every week but one… nooooo!!! oops 😦


March Goals

p e r s o n a l

  1. Make $90- I’m saving up money and I want to make upwards of $90 this month. Pretty self explanatory, haha.
  2. Read through 1st Samuel– In order to stay on track with reading the bible in a year, I need to read through 1st Samuel this month (I just finished Joshua). I was pretty thrilled with what I accomplished last month (see above) so I’m pumped about this one.
  3. Make/Keep a prayer journal– This was actually one of my 2019 goals and I want to start this month.
  4. Journal daily– yeah. soo I don’t think I’ll actually do this but I’m going to try. Remembering to do it is always hard because I don’t like to do it in the morning (I haven’t actually done anything to journal about yet) and at night I don’t really have any time. Do y’all have any tips for me?

a c a d e m i c

  1. Finish Omnibus Secondary Selfpaced– yay! I only have like 10-12 more sessions and so I’m pretty sure I can do this in March. Even if I take an entire week off 🙂 I’m pretty thrilled about my progress with Secondary and it’s a lot of fun. Primary, not so much…
  2. Keep a Practice Log for piano– I generally practice every day for 30-45 minutes but I want to keep a calendar for the length of time. It’s always a good idea to track your progress on anything really and it’s really fun to look back on.
  3. Practice Spanish every day– Those of you learning a language know that it is so important to immerse yourself in it. I want to practice Spanish daily, whether it’s Duolingo, Memrise, Spanish Homework/Class, or talking to a Spanish person.

b l o g g i n g

  1. Blog every Monday and Friday (nine times)- Pretty sure I can do this! Plus WP scheduling tool is my friend 😛
  2. Send out emails on Thursday four times– I’m going to try to do this! Honestly it’s not that hard but I need to REMEMBER about it. A lot of the time it’s Thursday morning and I have it on my to-do list but I forget about it. heehee


Whew! Did y’all enjoy this post? I feel like posting my goals for each month has made me more motivated to do them- do y’all bloggers agree with me? See you on Monday with an exciting post!




A Peek at my Planner//How I plan my week

post featured image my planner.jpg

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Today I’m going to be sharing how I plan my week. It’s actually a very simple process but y’all wanted to see more planner posts so I decided to show you!


How I Plan my Week

  1. Decorate! I probably shouldn’t do this first, but it’s my favorite part. I spend way too long looking at adorable planner spreads and then pick a theme/color scheme. Then I draw, handletter, and add tape to my planner spread so that it looks pretty!
  2.  Write out weekly goals. I attached a screenshot below, but let’s be real- I don’t normally make them super pretty with cute fonts. (But seriously am I the only one who is sick of calibri? please tell me I’m not). These goals generally aren’t for school, but more for health/personal well being. I rarely get to them all, but it’s worth a try!


On this particular week my goals were:

  1. Workout every day for at least 10 minutes- It seems like such a short time but sometimes that’s all I have time for! Generally I can workout for 10 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the afternoon which ends up being 30 minutes. So not much but it works for now!
  2. Read a book for fun. Y’all. I LOVE to read anything and everything and I’ll do this anyway. But I just wanted to make it important to have that relaxing time of intentionally reading a book 🙂
  3. Journal every day. Soo…. I failed my goal of journaling for the entire month of Febuary (I only did it once, on the 2nd ) but I decided to attempt it for just one week. I will probably fail but I will at least tru!
  4. Earn $20- It might not seem like much but I’m working on earning extra money for a camp and this goal of $20/week is SUPER manageable and very easy to accomplish. Hopefully I can make closer to $40 this week but I try to lower my goals to give me some wiggle room.
  5. Finish the book of Judges- I’m trying to read the bible in a year and this is the next book (three more chapters in Joshua!). I think I can finish Judges this week.
  6. No carry over assignments- this may sound confusing but it’s actually quite simple. Basically, I make a daily plan for each day of the week. If I don’t finish an assignment on the day that I wrote in my planner to finish it then I move it to the next day (carrying it over). Honestly I end up doing this WAY too much and I’m trying to break that habit haha.

And that is how I pick my weekly goals… but I’m not even done planning my week yet! 🙂

3. Look at my assignment sheets for school

I go to Schoology and StudyPlace, my live online class portals//places where I view assignments and check to see what’s due that week/next week.

6. Check blog planner

Basically, I check my excel spreadsheet and write in which posts I need to write that week. Pretty simple!

5.Write it down!

Then, I write all the assignments down in my planner. Honestly one of the easiest steps haha.


Planner Photos

I thought y’all might want to see some pictures of my planner//examples, so here you go!


My cover page for March- so easy! I just used clipart I had on hand and drew a little title as well 🙂
I might not be great at handlettering but this was pretty hard to mess up on… yay!
My monthly goals/habit trackers page
The PERFECT verse for a goals/habits page 🙂 It’s through him, not me.
An example of my mini habit tracker. Not very pretty but I like it!
Agg I would share where I got this adorable clipart but I have no idea. I have a bad habit which is downloading every single piece of clipart I find….
My blog goals page!
This is about as artsy as I am… not at all. haha
When you make a pretty big mistake on a page… just use a fox sticker amiright?
I was SO proud of this peacock lol.
Ooh sadly that pen doesn’t work anymore but this week was so pretty!
I love the verse, even if my art isn’t very good 🙂
More of that pretty in pink week!
Another great verse with not-so-great art lol
Ooh I loved making this!


And a little peek at my planner cover 🙂




I hope y’all enjoyed! I sure did 🙂


P.S. Y’ALL THIS IS THE 100TH POST ON C & C! I can’t believe it 🙂 I’m so excited for how far I’ve come! I’m actually already planning an exciting giveaway for the two year blogiversary!!! 😛



Easy Desk Diys

post featured image (1)

Aggg I’m not really on top of it right now. It’s 10AM on Monday… and I haven’t even diyed anything? So yeah… this post will be a little different than usual, but I’ll try to make it awesome!


DIY #1

This cereal box organizer! My siblings made it for me and I love it 🙂 It’s super easy (just excuse the fact that I have no pictures….)

  1. Grab a large cereal box. If you want it to fit notebooks, folders, and binders, than family size works! If you don’t have a family size cereal box then you may need to find a different use for it- I definitely recommend using a bigger box 🙂
  2. Using a ruler, draw lines on your box. Depending on how tall you want the front part to be, draw a line. You can measure it against a folder or notebook, but I did around halfway up the box. Also draw lines going from that to the back top on each side.
  3. Cut on the lines you marked. Pretty self explanatory…
  4. Decorate! My tip is to use scrapbook paper, but if you have a ton of washi tape that would work too. Honestly you can do anything- handletter, paint, watercolor… Make it you!


DIY #2

Art! This is the best way ( I think) to make your desk you + usable! If you’re super artsy (unlike me haha) then you can make your own art, but if not you can use google, Pinterest, or really anything! A lot of the things I end up using are actually for a class (like a memory verse or important things I need to remember) and I use a cute font to make them adorable!

t i p s:

  1. You don’t need fancy software or skills to make these! If I can make them so can you 🙂 I mostly use Microsoft word or publisher (word is easier)- google docs is great but I don’t love the fonts. There are some fun ones but I have favorites on my computer as well.
  2. Fonts: fonts are actually super easy. When I find a font I like, I google the name (and add font to the end) and websites come up with them! Then I download the font and reopen the design program I’m using so that it includes the new font. (some of) My favorites:

Frente H1

Rottitary Feminine

Sweet Pea

Watermelon Script Demo

KG eyes wide open

Janda Elegant Script


DIY #3

You can’t really see it in this picture, but it’s a tray//dry erase board.

my inspiration:

Related image

Just google “picture frame dry erase board” and you can see a ton of these! They are super easy to make.

  1. Find a picture frame with glass on the front. Your family probably has some old ones, but if not they’re quite cheap at thrift stores.
  2. Cut a piece of paper (or scrapbook paper) to fit the picture frame.
  3. NOTE: if you used scrapbook paper just remember to pick something that works with dry erase markers!
  4. Decorate! You can handletter/draw something- or if you used scrapbook paper you can be done!
  5. Write! You can draw or write notes to yourself… or use it as a cute tray!




Well…. sorry that this post wasn’t awesome! I tried to make it pretty good, but it’s probably not lol.