reviewing my summer goals

Copy of August Goals

Guys school starts on Monday and I’m SO not ready. whyyy (but I’m also really excited soo). Anyway, I just can’t believe it! (yes, I know I always say that 😂)

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August Goals

Copy of July Goals

I know I say this every single time but how is it August? Summer literally FLEW by this year! It was a lot of fun but I’m actually excited for school to start (sort of…) 😂

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July Goals

July Goals.png

I CANNOT believe that it is already July!! I still have about two months of summer left (school starts the last week of August) but I have barely touched on my goals. I definitely want to do better this month!

I don’t have many goals but some are pretty hard (hint: exercise). I’m also doing camp nano this month (look out for a post about that on Wednesday and the first update on Friday) so I think I’ll be pretty busy 🙂 Plus I want to do a LOT better with blogging (soo sorry for not posting for a couple weeks! tbh I was just dreading sitting down and writing/formatting/coming up with a good post) ANYWAY… time for goals!

july goals

  • get started on room redo – I have been putting this off for FOREVER even though it’s fun. I need to at least start – whether that’s decluttering, shopping, or something else!
  • earn $25 – It might not seem like much (it’s not!) but I haven’t been doing very well with this so I need to get started again.
  • make bread – agg this is fun but also really time-consuming so I’ve been putting it off. I really do need to do it, though!
  • finish the Old Testament – You guys, I’m SO close!! I’m pretty sure I’m in Habakkuk, which means I only have a few very short books to go! Yay 🙂
  • do a 30 day prayer challenge – Prayer is something that’s hard for me, so I want to do a 30 day challenge and really make it a habit.
  • walk/run a total of 50 miles – yeah this is pretty crazy. Basically, I want to move for 50 miles this July! That’s about 2 miles every day for 6 days a week. I’m not sure I can do this but I really really want to!
  • make cookies – this is not something I put off… lol I love this!! Can’t wait to do it 🙂
  • camp nano – Like I said, I’ll get into more detail about my project this July on Wednesday!

july habits

My habits this month are:

  • prayer
  • bible reading
  • exercise
  • wake up early/earlier

july bujo

I did make a bujo this month, but I don’t really love it. I’m still going to use it but I’m kinda hesitant to share pictures because it’s not the best! I decided to though just because it doesn’t really matter if it looks great anyway (even though I’m only sharing the good pages… haha)!

My 50 miles tracker/fitness tracker
My word tracker for camp nano (messy, but I think it’ll work!)
My blog spread 🙂 Super important even though it’s really messy lol
And my calendar – including the crayon drawn 4th of july thingy. xD

Do you have any goals for this month?

❤ bye,


My Goals for this Summer

Copy of Struggles older sibling.png

Just warning you: my list of goals for this summer is… pretty long. And I doubt I’ll finish half of them. But that’s okay! I’ve never actually done summer goals before *fp* but I wanted to try them out this year.

  • Complete “A Trip to Spain” summer reader for Spanish – My Spanish teacher gave us this… workbook? reader? for the summer and I want to do it. It’s got little stories in Spanish that you have to translate and then questions 🙂
  • Deep clean/reorganize room – I already posted about this (shared room inspiration board) but I actually need to do it now.
  • Make a study/school plan for 2019-2020 school year – Let’s face it – I never actually use these. But I want to make one just the same… enough said.
  • Practice piano daily – I want to improve my skills (and maybe start violin?) this summer!
  • Workout 3 times a week – My original goal was daily… but that’s SO hard for me, so I decided to make it easier.
  • Make ten blog posts every month – Eeep this is going to be hard but it’s summer so I have time right? (shakes head)
  • Prepare six blog posts for backup – I like to have several posts already written ready to post if necessary, plus if I go on vacation or something it’s a lot easier.
  • Find babysitting opportunities/babysit twice – Right now I only babysit for my family, but I want to start doing it for other people (probably from our church/family members)
  • Earn $50 – It might not be much, but I don’t want to push myself too hard.
  • Read at least 10 books from summer reading list – I might end up sharing this with you guys (it’s kinda boring though) but I made a summer reading list and I want to read at LEAST 10 books from it (I’ll read more than 10 books this summer for sure, but this is from the list)
  • Do a 30-day photography challenge – I’ve gotten really bad at taking pictures daily, and I want to do a challenge where I do a prompt daily for a picture 🙂
  • Drink more water (big full bottle daily) – I am SO bad at drinking water, and I need to change that this summer!
  • Make bread twice – Making bread is something I want to do a lot more than I do now (it’s SO fun, but it takes a lot of time). I want to make it at least twice this summer.
  • Reorganize desk – pretty obvious!
  • Journal three times a week – I’m bad at journaling daily, so I want to do it three times a week instead.
  • Eat healthier – SO bad at this!! I want to change that (probably going to fail but whatever)
  • Memorize 10 bible verses – It might not seem like much, but I definitely want to do this 🙂
  • Make a long list of post ideas – Just so I can have ideas for posts!
  • Keep room *really* clean – This is hard (especially when you’re sharing!) but I want to get really good at this this summer.

Those are my summer goals! What are yours?


How to be productive when you’re not motivated


Today I’m going to be sharing some tips for being productive when you’re not motivated. This has always been a struggle for me, so when I found some solutions I knew I wanted to share then with y’all so that you would know what to do!

  1. Ask yourself: Why don’t I feel motivated?

There’s a wide spectrum of reason on why you’re not motivated. It might be that you simply don’t enjoy doing the task, or it could be possible that you have too much on your plate. Whatever it is, there is a fairly simple solution. If you don’t enjoy the task- make it enjoyable! One idea is to provide yourself with a reward for completing the task- maybe 5 minutes of social media, 10 minutes to read a book, or even simply a break to have a healthy snack. This question is essential because once you know why you don’t feel motivated you can remedy it.

  1. Put away media.

This one is absolutely essential if you just feel unmotivated. It’s easier to scroll through social media that to sit down and complete tasks, even if the task is something you enjoy. Turn the power of all of your devices and turn off all of your notifications. You should probably make some way for emergency phone calls to come through, just in case.

  1. Eat a healthy snack.

When I don’t feel motivated, I’m ready to munch on things like chips and sweets. Aside from the fact that those foods are unhealthy, they’re not going to help with the motivation issue, I promise! If you’re feeling unmotivated, try making a smoothie with some nuts and greek yogurt, plus some fresh fruits/veggies to make it even healthier. I find that taking the time to make and drink my smoothie gives me a break (which helps too) and gives me much-needed energy. Fresh fruits and vegetables also help with this.

  1. Get moving

Sometimes you’ve just been sitting too long, or you haven’t stretched all day. That is the time to shut off your screen, close your planner, and take a quick walk. It probably wouldn’t be a great time to do an elaborate workout because that would take more time and you probably wouldn’t enjoy it very much. A walk is relaxing and peaceful.Try taking one next time you feel unmotivated.

  1. Make it easy to do

During my research for this post, I came across an interesting sentence: “It’s hard not to do something when everything you need is staring you in the face.” The post was talking about grouping the items and placing them in a place where you’re bound to see them- maybe on top of the TV remote or your phone, next to your alarm clock in the morning, or even where you put your purse when you get home. For example, if you want to start making a smoothie every morning, you can gather every single ingredient you need and put it on the kitchen counter. That way, it’s so easy, even easier than making a frozen waffle for the umpteenth day in a row.

  1. Eat a frog.

While this statement is probably true, I wouldn’t recommend eating a live frog… ever! However, doing the hardest/worst/least enjoyable thing on your to do list first I do recommend. The first task you do should be the hardest, and then you’ll fly through the rest of them.

  1. Set a timer

If you’re trying to accomplish an especially long task, don’t try to do it in one sitting. One idea is to work on your task for 25 minutes and then take a 5 minute break. You have enough time to check social media as a reward, or even better get a drink of water and make a smoothie. After three repeats of 25 + 5, take a 30 minute break.

  1. Work in a space you enjoy

Whether this is in a coffee shop, at your own desk, or under a tree outside, this really does help. A change of scenery always gives me motivation, it’s really helpful!

Hopefully these tips will help you if you’re struggling with this as well. Goodbye for now!

7 Things to do every Sunday to prepare for the week ahead

Who else feels like Mondays are crazy town? If you’re saying “Me!!” (I know you are) then this post is for you! Here are some of my favorite things to do on Sundays to prepare for the rest of the week. They relive a lot of stress.

One thing that I have struggled with is that it’s Sunday, the day of rest (for me as a Christian). However, even doing all of these things only takes around an hour or less and they’re honestly not that hard, so I don’t feel convicted about doing them. If you do feel convicted about doing these things on Sunday, then don’t do them! You can even do them on Saturday if you want.

  1. Prep to-do list/planner

An overhead shot of a person writing in a planner on a desk

This is super important for me. I like to do this by compiling a list of all of the tasks and their ‘due dates’ for that week, then splitting them up daily.

Time: 15 minutes (It honestly takes around 30 at first, but once you get into a pattern, it can come down to 15).

2. Do your laundry

This is also pretty important for me. I find that I can make my laundry last until Sunday, which means I only do 1 load a week, which is great! (I do my own laundry.)

Time: 20 minutes (For me, it takes about 15 now, but it didn’t used to, so I’m putting 20.)

3. Clean out your bag

My bag(s) collect a lot of trash and junk throughout the week, so this is an easy but necessary task.

Time: 3 minutes (I’m serious! This is SO easy but really saves time and stress in finding what you want.)

4. Clean + vacuum your room

I’m pretty good about keeping my room clean, but I have found that it helps to do a quick tidy of the drawers and vacuum it on Sunday. It really doesn’t take very long but makes it restful for the coming week.

Time: 10 minutes

5. Do some meal prepping

In my house, my mom cooks for our family, but I have to take care of breakfast and snacks. If you have the same situation or you cook for yourself, this is really helpful. I like to simply toss a few snacks + breakfasts into bags so that they are easy to grab. Honestly, I won’t eat breakfast unless it’s already prepped.

Time: 7 minutes (This is so easy!)

6. Prep outfits

Flat lay photography comprises of women's clothes, shoes, and a notebook in London.

I normally don’t prep outfits for the whole week or pick a certain day for my outfits. Often, I make 3-4 casual outfits and 1 nice one for easy grabs. This isn’t something I do every  week, but it feels so organized and prepared when I do.

Time: 5 minutes

7. Clean out your email

This doesn’t mean cleaning it for the first time, of course, but maintaining a clean inbox. It honestly takes no time at all!

Time: 1 minute


Actually, all of this adds up to 60 minutes (1 hour). So cool!

Hopefully these are helpful. I think they certainly are!


Summer Review: ANOTHER Surprise?


Welcome to Christina and Camera!

Welcome to the very first post on Christina and Camera! Sadly, I can’t change the URL right now, but I am considering upgrading the site.


The tag


So, Megan says this is a sort of ‘tag’. Clara did it first, then Allison did, and she did it saying that Clara did it, then Charis did it and said the Clara and Allison did it, then Megan did it, saying that Clara, Allison, and Charis did it.

I’m to lazy to put a bunch of links. 




Megan- (Did you notice she’s renovating her blog? It looks AWESOME!)


So, I am doing this ‘tag’, and Clara, Allison, Charis, Hannah and Megan have already done it!


If you’re confused, read this:

This isn’t really a tag, but I would love to see you do it! Please send a link in the comments!

The post

Wow! It’s taken a while to get here! XD

Sadly, I don’t have photos from the summer, but here are some highlights:

Summer DiariesI didn’t finish Ava’s diary, but you can check out all of the completed summer diaries here.

I got nominated! I don’t think many of you have seen this post, because so far, only two of the 11 people I selected did it. So… it’s a free for all! Check out the post here, because only 9 people get a chance to do it. Just because it’s free for all doesn’t mean we can exceed the limit of people.

Emma joins the family: This is most definitly a big thing. Emma is such a cutie and I’m so glad that she got to join us this summer. I know it’s October, y’all! But technically, Fall just started two weeks ago, so… Anyways, if you want to see a picture of beautiful Emma, check the post out here.

And the biggest thing-


I am so, so excited to share with you Christina and Camera. The site is still under construction. Hence the horrible orange site under construction graphic. XD

I have tons of posts planned, and I have another huge surprise for you guys! To celebrate 20 followers, I’m also presenting… The Camera Club. Of course, you don’t have to have a camera to sign up, but since this is Christina and Camera…. It’s the camera club. Basically, the Camera Club will have a sign up form in this post and one on the sidebar. (If I can figure out how.) Anyone can sign up, though you do need to have an email. Those who sign up will get the password to The Camera Club Page, and there we can chat and have fun! I will post contests and other exclusive things to members of the camera club. And here’s another rule. I would really prefer it if you were a follower of me, but I don’t want to exclude anyone, so if you aren’t a follower, you can join. Though, I request that if you are a member of the camera club, you follow me, though it’s not required. 🙂 Hope that wasn’t TOO hard to understand.


Thank you so much for reading!


Are you excited for the camera club? Talk to me in the comments!