Working out… honestly, does anyone really love it? I mean, I love how I feel afterwards (most of the time), and it relieves stress and benefits your body, but sometimes it’s just not fun. You feel me? Since it’s summer and most of us have a few extra minutes in our day, now’s the perfect time to get stronger and make exercise a habit.

Recently, I’ve been working out in the morning, and it’s honestly so much more enjoyable! In this post, I’ll be sharing 4 reasons working out in the morning is the best and I’ll also feature a free workout planner I made just for this post. My hope is that you feel encouraged to pick up this habit if it’s not been a priority in your life recently, and if it has, to be encouraged and keep it up.


summer inspo | what to do when you’re bored this summer

Summer is in full swing, which means if you’re like me, you get bored pretty quickly! At the beginning of summer I’m always super inspired by bucket lists and aesthetic pictures on Pinterest and Instagram, but as summer continues I usually run out of ideas.

I love summer – the extra sunshine, no school to worry about, and beach trips make it one of my favorite times of the year! So to help you make the most of this sunny season, I put together a short collection of inspiration for your summer. Hopefully looking at these aesthetic photos from Pinterest inspires and motivates you 🤍

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Since school’s about to start in a couple weeks, I know I’ll be a lot busier than I have been this summer! I’ve decided to update my posting schedule – all the details are this short post. I’m also doing a “your assumptions about me” post soon, so please leave all your assumptions about me in the comments 🙂


what i eat in a day (ft. simple summer smoothie recipe)

hey friends! this post was honestly kinda hard to make but I’m so glad I did 💛 we’ll chat for a second about healthy eating before we get into the post but I can’t wait for you guys to see this!! it’s going to be fun! (plus there’s a fun little recipe for you guys!) let’s get into the postttt lol

so before we start I wanted to chat a little bit. it was honestly hard for me to take pictures of everything I eat because I’m not the healthiest eater around and I tend to compare my diet to other peoples. so a couple things:

  1. i find it’s best not to be too strict. a lot of the time I’ll eat super “healthy” for days and then eat a ton of junk food which isn’t a great cycle! so restricting yourself never works out at least for me!
  2. my favorite word for this topic is balance. like I said restricting things isn’t helpful but neither is eating a ton of junk food! so listen to your body and seek to balance out what you eat.
  3. a helpful guideline for this is the 80/20 rule. so basically 80% of the foods you eat should be clean, whole foods that make you feel great and 20% should be the other things that maybe aren’t the best for you but are still yummy (and still totally fine to have!)
  4. also, using words like “good” or “bad” when it comes to food isn’t healthy! I like to use the terms “forward step” and “backward step” because honestly some things aren’t going to help your health journey but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy them! like I said it’s all about balance!

ANYWAY now that we had that little chat (I don’t even know if any of you needed to hear that but it was on my heart and it’s something I’ve struggled with so know you’re not alone!)

breakfast – summery smoothie!

for breakfast I made a smoothie which was super good! when I make smoothies I don’t really follow a recipe just try different combinations of fruits pretty much. I did make a little recipe card for what I made because it was really good.

I used mango chunks (oh my gosh y’all these are the best to just snack on! they are so good! if you ask my family they’ll tell you I’m honestly addicted lol), some soy milk, a banana, and a little bit of a peanut powder we had in the pantry! the peanut powder is optional but I like that it added some extra protein. literally all you need to do it put the ingredients in the blender and voila! our blender sucks because it’s super old so I put the mango chunks in with the soy milk first to get them all blended before I added the banana (which was not frozen!)

if you make the smoothie make sure to send me a picture!


for lunch I had this cauliflower rice which wasn’t actually too bad! not going to lie it wasn’t my favorite but I’ve never been super into cauliflower so I’m not surprised. it is a great way to add some extra veggies to your meal!
since I only had the cauliflower rice and I was still hungry I went ahead and made myself a yummy quesadilla! I just put some cheese on a tortilla and heated it up lol. we got some really good tortillas from a local store the other day so I had to use them for something!


ignore the toys in the background lol! in the mid afternoon I was still hungry so I had a banana! bananas are so good ahhh
I also made chocolate chip cookies the other day so obviously had to have one of those! so yummyyyy


we usually have a home cooked meal for dinner but tonight was super busy so we ended up getting pizza! it was super good 🙂

I hope you enjoyed that little peek at what I eat in a day! what do you eat in a day? do you like smoothies? favorite kind of pizza? have you ever had mango chunks?

bloggers confessions || collab with zainab

hey frens!! I am so excited for today’s post because it’s a collab with one of my favorite bloggers ever. zainab is so positive and kind and she’s one of the most encouraging people I know!

zainab chats (zainab’s blog where she shares lifestyle, positivity, study tips, and reviews!)

zainab’s post for the collab (I answered her questions!)

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recent thrift shopping haul (+cheap amazon clothes)

hey frens! welcome back to christina and camera, this week I’ll be sharing some recent thrift store finds and also some inexpensive clothes from amazon! if you like seeing cute clothes keep reading 🙂

I went to some thrift stores about a month ago with a friend and also ordered some clothes from amazon around the same time! a couple weeks ago I also purchased another item from a thrift shop (it was actually online, I’ll talk more about it later!) so I decided to do a little haul in this post.

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recent attempts at digital art (ft. me not knowing what I’m doing) and inspo

hey frens! recently I’ve seen a ton of digital art on instagram and pinterest so I decided to try my hand at it. I’m not an artist but it is a ton of fun!! in this post I’ll be sharing a couple of my digital art attempts, some examples/inspo, accounts to follow if you want to see more, and the supplies I used!!

little note: i’m actually traveling rn and have a ton of back to back trips so I won’t be able to answer comments or respond to emails right away. sorry about that! this post is scheduled in advance and there will only be one post a week for the next couple weeks but as soon as I get back we’ll be back to the normal content schedule! xo christina

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sunshine stickers review

pin this picture 🙂

hey frens! I’m so excited about today’s post because I can’t wait to share this new shop with you 🙂

when my friend kayla joy launched her new shop I was so excited! all her stickers are so cute and so obviously when she reached out to me about reviewing a sticker I was even more pumped! choosing a sticker to review was so hard because her june collection is so cute 😍

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glow up weekly 04: self care day

hey frens! I am loving this fun series and I hope you are too 🙂 today I’m going to be talking about self care and having a self care day. read on for freebies and tips that you can incorporate into your life!

if you’re new, check out the intro post to this series here 🙂

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