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Thank y’all so much for sending in awesome questions! This was such a fun post 🙂


Laura- Lula Boo

Do you like baking?

Yes, I love to bake! It’s so much fun 🙂 Some of my favorite things to make are pumpkin bread (my own recipe!), chocolate chip cookies, whole wheat bread, dinner rolls, and brownies.

Have you ever been on TV?

Nope! I’ve never been on TV!

Do you enjoy traveling?

Well, kinda. If you mean the actual trip (car ride, plane ride, …) mostly. I don’t really enjoy riding on planes, but I do like car trips.  It’s fun to bring lots of books, art supplies, movies, and audio books (plus going to the library the day before to get lots of new books is so fun!). I also like visiting different states. I’ve never been somewhere that wasn’t in the US (except, of course, for Alaska and Hawaii, but they obviously don’t count). I have kinda been in Canada though??? Maybe?? lol.

Do you enjoy fall?

Yes! Even though we don’t get a full fall here in Florida, I love fall! It’s so pretty, and the weather is great. Plus you get to wear cute clothes XD.

Have you ever traveled out of the country?

I think I might have been to Canada before (like driving/flying through), but I’m not sure. I have lived in Alaska and been to Hawaii, but I don’t think those count.

What book are you currently reading?

I’m reading On the Incarnation, the Dragon and the Raven, Not Regina, Wonder, the girl who could fly… XD

Books or movies?

Generally, I prefer books, but there are some things (like LOTR) that are better in movies?So, I’m just going to say books, XD.

What is your favorite season?

This is hard! I live in Florida so we really only really get a real Summer, haha, but I love fall. It’s got great weather and it’s also really pretty (not in Florida though, XD).

Favorite food?

I love almost any food except every seafood and some kinds of meat (and eggplant, blech!). This is so hard!

Favorite movie?

ALL the Lord of the Rings movies, but I do like the Princess Bride too! I love a lot of movies, though.


This is SO hard! I’m not sure, haha! I love most books that I read, though, so yeah!

TV series?

I don’t really know, because we don’t really watch TV. So you guys should tell me YOUR favorite TV show so I can know which one I would like!

Favorite animal?

Cheetah? XD


Ooooh, mint green! And a little (non-sparkly) gold with that! 🙂


Okay, Kaylyn has the best questions! LOL I have no idea… I love lots of candy. Chocolate is great (with caramel/peanut butter- so good), but I also like Skittles and ALL. THE. CANDY. So yeah. XD

What is your favorite flower?

Lilies and roses are awesome, but I think that all flowers are adorable.

What is your favorite animal?


What is your favorite sea animal?

Dolphins are so cute, so obviously, but I also like turtles.

What is your favorite candy?

Good question! I love so many kinds of candy, but chocolate is the best! But give me pretty much any candy and I will be happy, haha.

What is your favorites book series?

LOTR is great, little house on the prairie was my favorite when I was younger, and I love Narnia.

What is your favorite TV show?

I don’t really have one (we don’t really watch TV).

What type of camera do you use?

I use a Canon Powershot G15, and it works well! It’s very easy to use (but still complicated enough to be fun haha) and I certainly recommend it!

Did you ever have a blog before this one? Like a cring-y first try blog? (I did.)

I did! It was on blogspot and was a lot of fun. I don’t really think anyone read it (sad then, but yay now, XD). It’s a really good idea to start on your own with a private blog or something so you can get used to blogging.

What are you absolutely hoping for this Christmas?

Wow, good question, Hazel! I’m not sure! What do you guys think I should put on my wishlist?

Pet peeve?

Lots of things. Like people opening their windows and turning the AC off in the car, and it literally just makes it hotter and bugs come in, and I need to stop ranting lol.

Favourite photo you’ve ever taken?

Oh, Rhi, this is so hard! I really don’t know, haha! What’s your favorite photo I’ve ever taken?

Favourite blog/s?

Oohh, I love lots of blogs. I only put blogs on my blog buttons page that I really love, so check that out. (If you want to be put on there, go  to that page and comment letting me know. I will check out your blog and put a link and button up).

Favourite item of clothing?

Oh, this is hard too. I love my jean shorts, my new grey cardi, and my pink flats, but also pretty much everything else in my closet, haha.

Hudson Amelia Cuffed Knee Shorts

My fav shorts look like these (but these are not the exact ones). PHOTO CREDIT

Link to my specific grey cardigan on ThredUp (in the picture, it doesn’t look very good, but it does in reality!)

Link to my specific pink ballet flats on Target

Least liked colour?

Oh wow, LEAST liked color! Very original. I’m going to have to say bright red. Fire engine red is not very pretty, and I don’t love it. But, the color does look adorable on Gracie’s Converse!

What is your favorite food?

I don’t like seafood or eggplant, but I do like pretty much everything else, haha.

Who are three people you look up to for inspiration and motivation?

Wow, this is hard. I’m going to go with my Mom and both of my Grandmothers. There are lots of others too, but they are pretty big.

What is your favorite subject in school?

I love my science curriculum this year (Apologia) and I do really like Omnibus Secondary.

What is your favorite Childhood memory?

Playing with our church friends in Alaska; we did so many crazy things, but it was so fun ❤

Would you rather live on the beach or in the mountains?

Wow, this is so hard! I would probably pick the mountains right now (cold sounds awesome), but a beach house would be so relaxing.

Favorite Netflix or TV show?

Our family doesn’t really watch TV (or have Netflix) so I don’t really have one.

Least favorite thing about blogging?

Spam/hate comments. On some of my posts, I have received a lot of hate and it is always very hard to know how to respond. Spam comments are annoying, and sometimes inappropriate.

Biggest Celebrity inspiration?

Hmm, I’m not sure.


What is your favorite book?

Ahhh I have no idea…

but seriously Roll of Thunder Hear my cry is so beautiful, and you need Martin Hospitality in your life right now, and I could talk about this for hours, XD.

What is your favorite book in the Bible?

Hmmm… Ruth and Esther are great, Proverbs and Psalms are also awesome, and Romans, Galatians, 1 and 2 Corinthians, and Titus are also very helpful.

What is your favorite emoji?

Thank you Averey, for a chance to look through all the emojis for 10 minutes, haha. I use 😜 and ❤ most often, though.

Which sibling are you the closest too?

I have 3 other siblings, C (9), J (7), and E (2), and they are not very close in ago to me. I love E so much (but she is annoying sometimes, lol) but C and J are annoying all the time (plus they’re little boys, we’ll give them that). I think I am the same closeness to all of them, but what we do together is different depending on each one.


Well, thanks for reading! See y’all next week 🙂null


Ask Away// Q & A UPDATE

I wanted to pop in really quick and tell y’all thank you so much for asking me questions! So far, I have had 10 people ask me multiple questions, and it has been great (in only one day! Wow!). 

But, if you want to ask a question, please do it by Wednesday. I’m going to schedule the post for Friday on Thursday morning, so I’d like all of the questions in by Wednesday night (or early Thursday morning would be fine too).  So you have today and tomorrow to ask questions if you haven’t yet!

Thanks so much for asking me questions! Y’all have sent in some really fun ones! ❤


Ask Away// Q & A


I’m going to do a Q and A, so I need questions!

RULES (for questions):

  • nothing personal (I can’t share where I live specifically, my age, my picture, you get the picture!)
  • I have the right to pick which ones to answer
  • You can send as many as you like!




My Plum Paper Planner: Thoughts


How has your past week been? Mine was good, but busy as usual. This week, I’m going to share my thoughts on my Plum Paper Planner (this is my third month using it). I’m really excited about this post!

Watch the video below for a flip-thru of my planner (the meat of the post, honestly!)





Do I still like it?

If you read my initial review post, you will know that I gave it a 4.8/5 stars.

Here was my original criteria (with comments in purple):

  1. Pretty Has a nice cover- looks nice enough to have on desk. Yes! My planner cover looks great still, so this one is the same.
  2. Durable Not going to break or fall apart, will stay clean and won’t rip. Yeah… not so much. I’m pretty careful with my planner, but the plastic “mat” is really gross (but I haven’t tried cleaning it yet) and the pocket fell out. However, the other pages have stayed in (even the tabs, which I’m constantly pulling), and the binding is still fine. 
  3. Inexpensive I don’t have tons of money, so under $50 was my goal. Was it worth the money? I’m going to say… YES! 
  4. Good Size Doesn’t take up lots of room, but has enough room to write. I’ve been able to fit all of my assignments in perfectly, and it fits in my drawer neatly. 
  5. Customizable Something that I can personalize to fit my needs and that doesn’t have extra pages I don’t need. Though I don’t actually like some of the categories I chose myself, I have been able to block them out with my gold brush pen.

so i’m going to say that….

the plum paper planner IS worth it!!!


A Peek at my Book spread:


One of these photos was taken on the 3rd and the other on the 8th. Can you guess which is which of course you can?


Recent Art {+ GIVEAWAY!}

This is for a giveaway 🙂

A Farm Girls Life

Hello, dears!

I haven’t done a recent art post OR a giveaway for rather a while – I think it’s high time for both. 🙂 Today I’m going to show you guys some sketches, paintings, and LOTS of envelope art, and if you stick around to the end, there will be a fun little pen-pal/artsy giveaway which I’m so excited about!

Ahem, let’s get started.

First up we have my new sketchbook! I got a lovely brown paper journal at Walmart for, like $5, and I LOVE it. It lays flat and it’s perfect for drawing with black brush pens/markers.


I really like this spread. ❤


Colored pencil looks pretty nice on this paper too.


When Megan and I were cleaning out our room, I found a bunch of old photographs, random art, and colored coloring pages that I didn’t quite want to throw away but I didn’t quite want…

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September Review & August Goals



As is my custom at the beginning of each new month (that sounds so weird), I’m going to do a review of how September went and go over my goals for October!

September Review #1

Ooh, this one is lots of fun! I have quite a few photos that I took in September, so buckle down and enjoy the ride 🙂



September Review #2 (1)

August Review + September Goals

Calico Critters Photoshoot

A non-expert’s overview of Bible Journaling

How I write my blog posts

September Review #2 (2)

Goals from September:

  • Post 4 times on C & C ✔- I did this one! Check the “Posts this Month” section in this post to see what they were!
  • Post 4 times on QTE ✖ Nope! I’m actually taking a (hopefully temporary) break from QTE because I’ve been majorly busy. Hopefully next month I’ll have news along these lines to share with y’all- I have something really exciting coming up!
  • Send out a Monday email on the C & C mailing list twice✖ Nope! However, if you’re on the mailing list, you did get an email explaining some of the new changes 🙂
  • Participate in a challenge/giveaway on another blog ✖ No… If you’re hosting a giveaway or challenge on your blog, please let me know. I love participating in things like that !
  • Start using my school schedule ✔ Yup!! I did this one, but I changed up my school schedule just a bit.

September Review #2 (3)

Next week’s post is all about the Planner- YAY, but for now, I’m going to give y’all a little peek into my planner for October!



^ My adorable reading log. I’m writing this on the 3rd, so I’ve already added some fun books!

I know this is blurry and oh so behind-the-scenes, but this is reality when I was setting up my planner. Plus, if you read my How I write my blog posts post, you’ll recognize what’s up on my computer screen!! I really like this photo, which is weird because it’s really bad! But I love the reality of it 🙂

September Review #2 (4)

  • Start using the mailing list again- send out emails on the 8th, 15th, 22nd, and 29th (Mondays)
  • Use Habit tracker in planner
  • Use reading log in planner
  • Participate in a challenge/giveaway on another blog


Thanks for reading! What are your goals for October? Did you finish everything you planned to do in September?


How I write my blog posts


Have you ever wondered how I write my blog posts? It’s definitively not one size fits all, but my current method works well for me.


person writing on a book

This step might seem minor, but it’s actually very important! About a month in advance, I pick the posts for the next month from a list that I keep of things I’d like to post. Then, I add them to an excel sheet that I keep (excel is like sheets for google) going.

I used to use for this step (just because I had a 30 day free trial) but it’s expensive if you want to keep using it, so I just decided to use an excel sheet.

Here’s an example of my excel sheet for June, July, and August:


Once it’s added to the excel document, I open a google docs and start planning the post. For example, in my bible journaling post, I listed all the supplies I would include and found links and prices for all of them. Most of the time this is just a simple bullet list of what I want to include in the post (for some posts, I don’t even do this, like a photography post).


person's face being covered by Nikon DSLR camera

I try to include photos in all my posts, even if I grab them from Unsplash (like the one above). If I need to actually take photos with my camera, I do that, but if I’m getting the photos online, I pick the one’s I plan to use. Then I add EVERY SINGLE photo that will be in the post to an empty draft. This includes my “Hello” Photo, signature, and dividers.



person holding Apple Magic keyboard

This step is pretty self explanatory: actually writing the post! This includes typing captions for photos, and actually building a post. I generally do this in 1-4 stages (depending on how much work it is).

Then, I schedule the post! I write my posts about 1-2 weeks before they go live, which relives me of stress. For some posts that are more personal and need to be written closer to when they go live, I try to prep as much as possible ahead of time.

I hope you enjoyed this little peek into my blog post planning+preparing process (triple points for alliteration)!


A non-expert’s overview of Bible Journaling


Today I’m going to be sharing a HUGE post about bible journaling. We’ll talk about my favorite supplies, some art I’ve done, my bible, and we’ll even look at some art inspiration. Are you ready? I sure hope so!

Bible Journaling (2).jpg

To bible journal, you need a bible, so I’m going to show you guys mine.

Non-referrer link to Amazon- I bought it when it was $24 from this seller

I bought my bible in January of this year, and it’s held up beautifully! As you can see from the picture, it’s gotten rather splotchy (I have no idea how it could get dirt on it, lol) but it’s not that big of a deal. It’s also available in hot pink, but I didn’t want that. At first I planned on getting a bible cover as well but I haven’t had any need for one, so I don’t plan on getting one.

None of the pages are falling out or anything like that, and the paper is very nice. It’s not super thin like most bible’s pages, but it’s not too thick either.

I highly recommend this bible for someone who has just started bible journaling and doesn’t want to “mess up”. There are lots of simple line drawings, which are awesome and very creative (nothing I could draw, lol). Bible journaling has also really improved my hand lettering, so I’m comfy with doing lots of art, and I also put sermon notes in it.

Bible Journaling (3).jpg

Now for the fun part, XD! I’m going to show you several art example and try my best to add the supplies I used.


They’re not all very good pictures or art, but I love flipping through the pages and looking at all the pieces of art I’ve done.

Bible Journaling.jpg

Starting at top left, going clockwise

My Creative Bible $28.34

Crayola colored pencils 24 pack $9.34 (about 39 cents/pen)

Pilot G2 pens 12 pack $12.79 (about 1.07/pen)


Sakura Pigma Micron Pens 6 pack $10.93 (about 1.82/pen)

Staedtler colored pens 10 pack $14.49 (about 1.45/pen)

Washi tape $7.90 (about 20 cents/roll)


Bible Journaling (4).jpg

Image result for bible art ideas

I've been aching a little lately, for missions. I am not in a go season. But I am in a... | Use Instagram online! Websta is the Best Instagram Web Viewer!

Bible Journaling by Mimi @_mimi_rn | Proverbs 31:10

Job 19:25 January 9, 2017, watercolor, bible art journaling, journaling bible, illustrated faithBible Journaling by @rileys_illustratedfaithSilly Bee's Chickadees, faith as small as a mustard seed (actual size), Matthew 17:20 #journalingBible #illustratedfaith #faithartAnother spine doodle. Another shot of the fun bibles that will list TODAY-each one has a phrase on the edge. You can pick it or I can. ------------ Hand painted Journaling Bibles are going to list in the shop TODAY at Noon CST!!! There will be an option to purchase just a bible or a bible with 10 tabs,5 scripture cards, and a sticker. These bibles have a doodle on the top side of the pages...EACH BIBLE WILL COME WITH SOME EXTRA FUN GOODIES!! set your alarms. #illustratedfaith


I hope you enjoyed! See you next week 🙂



Calico Critters Photoshoot


As promised, here are a couple of mini-photo shoots of the Calico Critters. They’re so cute. Sadly our dog has chewed up many of the critters and items so they’re a little banged up. Also, my sister has sat on the chair and stood on the tables a few too many times (don’t ask) so we’re just going with the fact that our critters are Japanese and therefore sit on the floor (I know, lol).

Nighttime for the Critters

‘Twas night for the critters, when all thro’ the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse;
The baby was tucked in her bed with care,
In hopes that sleep would find her there.
The critters were nestled all snug in their beds,
And on their pillows rested their little heads.

My parody of “Twas a Night before Christmas” for Critters. I’m not great with poems, but I think it turned out pretty cute. I took some photos to go along with it. It was hard to get clear pictures, in the dark, without using flash (it would brighten it up too much) so these pictures are, needless to say, pretty icky. Bear with me!


Critters have a photo session

Let me tell you, it is hard to mimic a real-life lifestyle session with Calico Critters, lol. My attempt mostly failed but I think I got some cute pictures. Let me know if you think so!


Tour the Critter’s home

So this isn’t actually touring their home, it’s 2 pictures but I though they were cute so I decided to share them!


Soo… what do you think? I tried to mimic a real family’s life and it was a lot of fun. It wasn’t very consistent though because I added and took away the little girl with the purple hair bow (did anyone else notice that) and she only appeared in 2 pictures. Can you guess which ones? Let me know in the comments 🙂

See you next week,


August Review + September Goals


I feel like I’ve been doing this monthly review + goals thing for FOREVER! I’m pretty sure that this is my 6th month doing it, which is pretty awesome. I’ve come to enjoy doing it.

What I read in August

(again, mostly my library books)

Rilla of Ingleside by L. M. Montgomery: I’ve read this before but it’s one of my favorites. It’s so sweet. I LOVE Jims, he’s so cute. (For those who don’t know, this is the ending book of the Anne of Green Gables series. The main character is Rilla, Anne’s youngest child, who is 14 at the start of the book. The time period covered in Rilla of Ingleside is during WW1. I definitely recommend this book to really anyone. Anne of Green Gables is for ages 8 to 88 as they say! 🙂

Spy Camp by Stuart Gibbs: This was my “silly book” or “fun book” for the month. It was humerus and silly, very fun, but certainly not educational. There are some bits of humor that were amusing but hinting at crudeness. I don’t think this book was awful, but it’s not my favorite. I didn’t mean it to be, though!

The Hobbit by J. R. Tolkien: I’m actually currently reading this one for school, but I thought I’d include it in there. I read it in the first couple weeks of July, so I’m now rereading. I don’t have very much to say, but I would recommend it, it’s pretty awesome. I think the whole poem part with Gollum is quite boring though. It’s probably just me, lol!

Dear America: My Secret War I’ve always enjoyed the Dear America series (since I was 8) since it’s light, easy reads but so educational and teaching. Same with the Royal Diaries. This one, My Secret War, was very intriguing. Set in 1941-42 in Long Island, the WW2 Diary of Madeline Beck is quite interesting. My favorite part is how it’s so REAL! That’s what I love about DA. I recommend this book to anyone (the more advanced you are, the lighter the read is, but It’s also more fun because you can Google the person and research about them. I don’t think you’d do that at age 8, lol.

Dear America: Look to the Hills This book was not at all like My Secret War. Set in 1763, this is in the New York Colonies. Very different! It’s a diary of Lozette Moreau and very enlightening. I recommend it to the same people as above ^^.

Royal Diaries: Anastasia This is by the same authors as DA, but Royal Diaries are different in the fact that it’s royalty from all around. This one is Anastasia in Russia in 1914. It’s very fun and sad and lovely! I do think that the end is SO rushed and there’s not any buildup at all. It’s just- we leave, we’re gone, the end. XD

Royal Diaries: Isabel I had never ever heard this story before. Very interesting! I recommend it to everyone.


Photoshoot of my sister

On my younger sister E’s birthday, I took a photoshoot of her. Some of the photos turned out so cute! Since y’all have commented saying you want more pictures of her I decided to share a couple of them.

Goals for September:

  • Post 5 times on C & C
  • Post 4 times on QTE
  • Send out a Monday email on the C & C mailing list twice
  • Participate in a challenge/giveaway on another blog
  • Start using my school schedule

That’s all for today! I’ll see y’all next week for a fun photoshoot of _____ (you guess)!