my september goals

September Goals.png

hey guys what’s up (the ceiling ofc)? time for the obligatory apology/explanation about how I’ve just been way to busy to post but IMMA DO BETTER and yeah.

but I’m definitely going to take advantage of our TWO (!!) days off because of Dorian and hopefully schedule lots of posts. fingers crossed 🤞

anyway it’s time for the monthly goals post yay! I’m not going to review August because I’m 99% sure I didn’t accomplish any of my goals. oops.

this month I’ll do better (LIES)

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back to school outfit ideas

back to school outfit ideas .png

When this post goes up I’ll be at school (the first day!!). Right now I’m pretty nervous but also really excited. ❤ When do you start school?

yes I know I’m one of those really weird people who likes school haha. the thing is all school year I can’t wait for summer and when summer gets here (past the first week or so) I get really bored and can’t wait for summer. it’s weird 😂

ANYWAY. Today I’m going to be sharing some back to school outfit ideas 🙂 Obviously these are if you don’t wear a uniform (I will be) but I guess you could wear them anytime.

let’s get started!
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Reviewing July

reviewing july.png

I know I say this every time but HOW IS JULY OVER?? I can’t believe that August starts in just a couple days (also I know this post is a little early but I didn’t want to post twice on Wednesday and that’s when my camp nano post goes up. Confused yet? Me too 😂

Anyway, today I’m going to be recapping my month and sharing some of my favorite moments + my goal recap.

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the liebster award

liebster award

How is your week going? Hopefully AWESOME! Mine is going well (ahem it’s going amazing because I figured out how to put gifs in posts!!)

Today I’m going to be doing the liebster award! These awards get passed around a lot and so if I didn’t do it when you nominated me for it sorry! I usually just do them if I need to write a blog post lol

thank you Hailey for nominating me!

here are the rules:

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you.
  2. Answer the questions given.
  3. Give an extra 10 random facts about yourself.
  4. Nominate 5-11 other bloggers.
  5. Ask your nominees your own questions.
  6. List the rules in your post.
  7. Inform your nominees of their nomination.


If you could have one superpower, what would it be? Hmm… maybe the power of… uh… maybe knowing the future? I don’t know, because there are so many! Flying would be awesome, but I’d love the power of teleportation! That would be awesome when I was running late for something. 😂

Do you have a theme for your bedroom? If so, what is it? I don’t really have a theme right now, but I love lots of themes! I love bright, colorful rooms, but I also love darker rooms with lots of fairy lights lol.

How long have you been a blogger? I’ve been a blogger for over two years (I started on March 31, 2017) but C & C’s second birthday is coming up in October and I’m super excited!!

What is your favorite restaurant? I love lots of restaurants! I can’t share the names of my favorites because then you’d know where I live, but I think my favorite is a mexican one 🙂 I also LOVE chick-fil-a!!

full house eating GIF
footage of me at chick-fil-a

Is your bedroom organized? Yes! I mean, it’s organized, but it still gets messy sometimes (ahem jk always)

messy room frantic kid GIF

When was your last vacation? Where did you go? For New Years, we went to see family. But I think the last trip we took as a family not to see family (wow weird sentence) was last year in Boston/New Hampshire!

Do you have any pets? What are their names? We have a dog. Named (wait for it) … Bunny.

unsure grace helbig GIF

What is the most thrilling, craziest, most adrenaline rushing thing you have ever done? Um. I don’t know?

What is your favorite, go-to outfit? Describe it! T-shirt and jeans or shorts. 😂

Image result for charlie brown closet
my closet right there

What was one of your proudest moments you remember? Hmm… maybe in fourth grade when I preformed in the school play? That was a lot of fun!

How many friends do you have? Maybe two or three?

What are 2 of your favorite colors? Mint green and blush pink 🙂

10 fun facts about me

ugh these are so hard

❶ I have three (almost four) siblings – two brothers (10 and 8), a two year old sister (Emily!), and my mom is expecting a baby girl this fall! 

❷ I’ve been blogging for over two years and I love it!

 I hope to someday have a professional photography business 🙂

 I’m currently writing for my second Camp Nano for my story Legacy and my goal is 20K!

 I love gifs and emojis 😂

 My favorite color is ALL THE COLORS

 I love to read (classics are my fav right now but Christy Miller is second!)

 I love graphic design/blog design

 I like science, but not math

❿ I want to be fluent in Spanish someday


I nominate:

Ezra @ Ezra’s Everything Spot

Maggie @ Dreaming of Guatemala

Jo @ Pananaw

Ari @ Ariana’s Flying Life

Kaelyn @Kaelyn’s Life

my questions for you are:

❶ What’s your favorite hairstyle?

❷ What’s your favorite book?

❸ What is your least favorite color?

❹ Do you blog? Include a link!

❺ What’s your favorite outfit?

❻ What color are your eyes?

this was so fun! thank you Hailey for nominating me!

❤ bye,


Mini Review: Miss Crafter Craft Pack

mini review_ miss crafter craft pack.png

This post is not sponsored – I purchased this product with my own money. 

Hey, y’all!

Today I’m going to review a package I bought a couple weeks ago – a craft pack from Miss Crafter!

A couple weeks ago, Ariana reached out to me and asked if I’d like to buy one of her craft packs – it includes an assortment of different crafts and includes free advertising for your blog. I said yes and purchased it, and it arrived promptly.

My package included:

  • 2 Monster bookmarks (seriously the cutest thing ever!!)
  • Several small quilling pieces (paper crafts)
  • 2 Pom-poms
  • Lots of adorable bracelets
  • A nail polish

monster bookmarks

sadly Emily ripped some of the adorable things of one of them, so I can only include a picture of one 😦 but of course, that’s not Ariana’s fault – Emily rips up everything lol!


HOW CUTE is it though? I love it!

quilling pieces//paper crafts

These are so tiny and I can’t imagine trying to make them – I would need a lot of patience! There were several included in my package.


The pom-poms are so cute and I love the colors!


I opened this package with my siblings (bad idea) and of course they each wanted some bracelets. I let them each pick two but I wasn’t able to get pictures – just trust me when I say that the ones I’m not showing you are just as cute as these!

Some of them had charms (most of them, actually) and they are all so cute! I think there were eleven or twelve bracelets originally.

nail polish


This adorable nail polish was also included in the craft pack. I can’t wait to use it!


When you purchase the craft pack, you also get free advertising for a month! How awesome is that?

If you’re interested in purchasing something from Miss Crafter (you should be!), you can look at your options here and email Ariana at

I hope you enjoyed this (very short) review and buy something from Miss Crafter – Ariana is doing a great job with her business!

❤ bye,