about C & C (and, you know… me)





Christina and Camera was originally Dolls by the Dozen, where I posted about dolls. It was a lot of fun and I managed to keep it up for 6 months. I’m glad I started with DBTD because that’s where I met so many blogging friends AND I got to learn about the huge responsibilities that come with blogging. But I loved blogging, and so when I started to lose interest in my dolls, I still wanted to keep blogging. I was torn- and that’s where C & C comes in! I decided to change the name and the design (If you where here during that awful phase where it was all black, I’m so sorry for putting you through that. Just joking- kinda.). Mukta helped me with the lovely design you see now, which makes the C & C you see right now! I love blogging and never ever want to stop.


myAvatar (2)

Since I can’t share my face, I designed a graphic that freakingly looks JUST. LIKE. ME.

Here are a couple of fun facts about me:

  • I wear contacts
  • I love planners
  • My camera is a Canon Powershot G15
  • I have 2 brothers, C and J
  • I have an adorable little sister (She’s 2), Em
  • I want to teach 3rd grade
  • I’m a Christian

Please use this contact form if you want to contact me. If it’s not personal, you can put it in the comments on my most recent post (I’ll notice it there pretty quickly) but this goes straight to my email so I will see it very soon.