Week One of the April Blogging Challenge

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I decided to do Maggie’s April Blogging Challenge prompts all together each week instead of daily (because seriously that’s too much for me!) They might be a little shorter because it’s one post, but I think it will be fun! Also I won’t be doing the Sunday ones just because I wanted to post it on Saturdays! Thanks 🙂 

DAY 1- something beautiful to you

Um… a lot of things are beautiful to me! However, as you guys know because I post WAY too many pictures of her, Emily is my favorite. But just babies//little kids in general are the cutest. ❤


DAY 2 – Your Morning Routine

This week I’ve been sick, so my mornings aren’t the same as usual. I actually share a room with my two-year old sister, so the time I can wake up (waking her up is definitely a bad idea, cranky toddlers are not fun) is pretty inconsistent. Honestly, no matter what time I wake up, my routine is the same. I used to be really annoyed if I didn’t wake up at the right minute, but as long as I’m awake before 7, I’m fine! Some days I wake up at 6:00, 6:30, 6:45, or 7:00, and it doesn’t really matter 🙂 When I do get up, though, this is what I do:

  • Shower//Get ready for the day (get dressed, hair, and so on)
  • Make bed + Quickly clean up my room (on a good day it’s clean when I leave 😜)
  • Read bible/pray
  • Eat breakfast (okay okay I really don’t. I should start eating breakfast more 😂)
  • Start classes (my first classes are at 8 AM, and I also generally have to do some schoolwork before too)

On a good day I work out. 😂 

Does this mean that all my days are bad days?

DAY 3 – Something that makes you happy

I’m going to be super cliche here and say that blogging makes me happy! I love blogging and all of you guys ❤ You always post the sweetest comments and make my day! Thank you 🙂

 Also I’m totally going to stop before I get all emotional. Just in case you were worried 😂

DAY 4 – What you Wore, in Detail

I needed a warning that I would have to share this when I got dressed this morning! 😂

Today I’m wearing…

Image result for grey shirt with lace

A shirt similar to this one (^^^) except with less lace on the top and simpler sleeves.

Image result for jean bermuda shorts

Shorts similar to these (except… different).

And no jewelry because I have a two year old sister 😜

DAY 5 – Home

This prompt confused me a little bit, but my home is anywhere the people I love are! I’ve lived in lots of different places but I could live anywhere with my family ❤ Soo cliche I know but it’s true!

DAY 6 – Three Ways to Win your Heart

lol this is going to be… interesting.

  1. Be a Christian//Have a good relationship with Christ

This is so important and a lot of people in our generation don’t- or they say that they are Christians but they don’t have a personal relationship with Christ. If I was in a relationship, it would need to be with someone who had a good relationship with the Lord.

2. Have a purpose in life

This may sound silly, but a lot of guys I see don’t really have a purpose in life. They want to get through today and just repeat it again tomorrow, and endlessly for the rest of their life. Having goals and a higher purpose in life is really important.

3. Be courteous

Again, this may sound silly but being courteous, polite, and respectful is such a lost idea in our generation. I think it’s really important!

DAY 7 –


I hope you enjoyed! I had a lot of fun with these 🙂