just how much work is blogging (really)?

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I thought this post would be fun for other bloggers as well as those of you who don’t have your own blog! Making it was actually really fun for me as well- except the math. 😁


g r a p h i c s

On average, it takes me about 5 minutes to create a graphic- not a lot, right? But since I blog twice a week, that’s 10 minutes a week and 40 minutes a month! And 480 minutes a year! And that’s just post graphics. That doesn’t even include redesigning, or my “well, hello” graphic, or anything else! 😲

Weekly- 10 minutes

Monthly- 40 minutes

Yearly- 480 minutes (or 8 hours!)

p h o t o s

On average, a photoshoot takes me about 30 minutes. Basically I carry my camera around and take random pictures. I don’t do this as often as I’d like (only about once a week 😞) but it still adds up!

Weekly- 30 minutes

Monthly- 120 minutes (or 2 hours!)

Yearly- 1440 minutes (or 24 hours- or ONE DAY!)

p o s t s

For me, writing a post takes me about an hour! But since that includes making a post graphic, research, and photos, I’m going to take it down to about 45 minutes. Still, that’s a lot of time! 😱

Weekly- 90 minutes (or 1.5 hours!)

Monthly- 360 minutes (or 6 hours)

Yearly- 4320 minutes (or 72 hours- or THREE DAYS!)

r e a d i n g // i n t e r a c t i n g

While this isn’t necessary, I do comment/interact with other bloggers. However, I’d do that anyway so I’m going to take that time off. For each post, replying to all of your sweet comments takes about 15 minutes- spread out over time, however.

Weekly- 15 minutes

Monthly- 60 minutes (or 1 hour)

Yearly- 720 minutes (or 12 hours 😂)

o t h e r

I have a podcast and email list, which I count as part of blogging. The email list takes about 15 minutes to make weekly, and I also send out a reminder for the podcast weekly that takes 5 minutes (copy and paste 😜) Making each episode of the podcast, however, takes about 60 minutes. Making the show notes takes around 30 minutes and actually recording takes 20, but I do a couple takes and also edit it! So on a good day, it takes an hour.

Weekly- 80 minutes (or 1 hour and 20 minutes)

Monthly- 320 minutes (or 5 hours and 20 minutes)

Yearly- 3840 minutes (or 64 HOURS 😱)

a d d i n g    i t    u p

YOU GUYS. When I started this post I was expecting a LOT less time. This really scares me… I know why bloggers take breaks now.

every year, I blog for approximately….

10860 minutes


181 hours


7 days and 13 hours

You guys i’m dying right now. All the math. Plus how much time I spend blogging. wow. I didn’t know I liked you guys so much 😂😂 


Did you enjoy this post? It was really fun to make… and very scary as well. I don’t think I can do math for another week- too bad I have to. 😂

I love you guys (I mean obviously… just kidding but still), see you on monday! ❤





Reacting to your assumptions about me!

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WOW. This was SO fun, you guys! Here are the assumptions/my reactions!

 note: I created a bonus episode on my podcast to go along with this (it’s basically an audio format of the post, except with some extra content) that I think you guys would love! check it out 🙂



You are smart- thanks!  I guess 😂

You are pretty- well, thank you! 

You want to be famous- I guess? I really don’t know!

You love music- Yes, I do!

You are easy to get along with- I hope so! haha

You are really short- tbh I don’t know if this is true. I’m 5 foot 3 right now so I guess I’m short 🙂
You aren’t good at science- Well, it depends. I have a 98/100 in science right now, but I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite subject. This year is my first year with the Apologia curriculum and I love it 😍. Haha. This is the first year I’ve enjoyed science!
You’ve been doing photography for three years- *calculates* yes, I have 🙂
You love blue/purple- I guess! I like those colors, but I wouldn’t say that they are my absolute favorites 🙂
You don’t wear jewelry much– ehh. I mean, I don’t really have much jewelry, so this is true. If I had more that I liked/was comfortable I would probably wear it more often!
You love swirly writing- I do! But I don’t like it to be overpowering 🙂
You have cute writing- I guess so. I’m working on improving it, so tbh idk.

You like horses.- Yes, I do!

You wear contacts.- I do wear contacts!

You like taking pictures of Emily- how would you know this? jk I know pretty much every single one of my photography posts is about Emily 😛

 You like the color mint green. – Correct 🙂

 You like lettering/calligraphy.- YES! I do 🙂

You wear glasses– yes! I actually wear contacts during the day, but I do wear glasses.

 You’ve been to other countries besides the U.S.- Actually, no! I’ve never been outside of the U.S. (Alaska and Hawaii, but they are part of the USA :P)

You are a tea gal, not coffee- true! I’m not a coffee girl at all 🙂

You are a music nerd– kinda! Depends on what you mean, haha. I like music, but I’m not super up-to-date on releases and stuff.

You really like horses and dogs! – I do!

You’re really good with little kids- I think I am… little kids are the best 😛
You love light colors- Yes. My favorite color is LIGHT!! Light pastels 😍
You really like flowers– Yes, I love flowers! They are a great example of God’s wonderful creation 😉
You like things to be neat and organised– yes, I do! I can’t work if it’s not organized, haha 
You’re good on computers– I know (and can figure out) how to do/work almost anything but pretty much anyone can do that. That’s what YouTube was invented for, amiright?

You’re a morning person- I used to be a night person for sure, but a couple weeks of waking up early made me a morning person! 😁
You do a lot of exercise- I mean, yes, but I should do more, haha!

You listen to country music- yes! I do! How do you know me so well? 
You’re shy at first, but chatty and enthusiastic around people once you get to know them- I am 🙂 I’m not very good about meeting people haha!
You’re favourite colour is green- not really? I like it, but it’s not my favorite!
You’re really smiley- I guess? I try to smile more often 🙂 
You have long hair (dark) – WHAT. How do you know me this well? You are correct!

I assume you love coffee – actually, no! I like the super-sugary starbucks tho… (I KNOW!!) 

I assume that you’re a night owl- I used to be! I guess I can kinda sorta do both? I can stay up late and wake up early, haha 😝 

I assume that you prefer movies over TV shows- yes, I do! Also, we don’t have cable tv so I don’t really watch tv shows.

I assume that you love Disney- I do like Disney! I don’t approve of some of the choices they’ve made but I really do like Disney 😂
I assume that you haven’t decluttered your closet in a long time- actually, no! I decluttered it last week 😜

I assume that you’re passionate about blogging!- I am passionate about blogging! Blogging is amazing 😍

You have freckles- Yes 😢
You’re over five feet tall- Yes, I’m 5 foot 3!
You despise brussels sprouts- Okay how did you know this? BLECK. 😂
Your bedroom is painted turquoise blue– It’s not (it’s not actually painted yet 😝) but maybe it would be if it was?
You have a crush on Tom Hiddleston- well, I had to google this person! Never heard of him before. But he is cute… 😂

Your family goes out to eat about three times a month- that’s probably about right 😉
You like donuts- I LOVE DONUTS… way too much!
Your bujo is a e s t h e t i c- haha yes it is 😂
You listen to Christmas carols in the middle of July- I sure do! 😃
Your bookshelves are sorted in color order– Yes and it looks so good!!!

You want to go to France eventually- I would LOVE to go to France!

You don’t like roller coasters- I do like roller coasters, but not too much!

You braid your hair– I try to (I’m probably the only person who can’t braid their own hair…)
You used to like Barney a lot when you were young- ehh. I didn’t really watch Barney when I was little, but I guess I would have liked it 😃
You’re something of a hopeless romantic- yes 😂
Your favorite super hero is Wonder Woman- YES.
You don’t like scary movies- I HATE scary movies… and many things scare me 😆

You’ve never read The Call Of The Wild- I never finished it… I got really bored halfway through 😂
You can paint quite well- I don’t paint that often but when I do I always enjoy it!
You know the capitols of all fifty states- In second grade…. maybe I do still? haha
You live in North Carolina- actually I don’t! I live in Florida 😁
You have a big backyard- I guess…
Your family owns a trampoline– Nope. I wish haha 😂
You’ve been ice skating at a birthday party- Yes, I’ve been ice skating and bowling on many third and fourth grade birthday parties 😜
Your favorite flavor of cake is chocolate with buttercream frosting- WHAT. Okay you know me so well…. YUM!!
You don’t like spicy food.– Correct! I don’t like spicy food.

You’re not into sports- I’m not really into sports, true 😄

Your brothers play ice hockey- They don’t… they would probably like it though!

Your dad graduated from Patrick Henry College- wow. this is oddly specific… but not true. Thank goodness- if it was, I would be seriously concerned that y’all are stalking me 😂
Your middle name is Elise- that’s a really pretty name, but my middle name is actually Raquel (spanish for rachel, my mom’s name😊)

Your favorite season is spring.- I love spring! And fall 😃

You’re on the shorter side.- heehee this is true 😉

Your favorite color is teal.- yes, teal is one of my favorite colors!
You like flowers.– I LOVE flowers 😃
You like cats better than dogs.- actually, not really! I’ve only had bad experiences with cats though!
You love little kids.– yesss little kids are the best!
You’re very organized and great at time-management.– I think so

You tend to have a lot of free time.– yes… though most of my free time is when I’m procrastinating 😂
You like pink- I like blush pink and pale pink, but not in-your-face pink or hot pink 😜

You’re good at singing.– I wish? I guess? I honestly don’t know!


also sorry about the weird spacing… for the life of me I can’t fix it! wordpress is being so annoying 😂


Thank you guys so much! This was so fun ❤


Recently: Books, Podcasts, Blogs, and Music

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Today I decided to do a compilation post about what I’m reading and listening to! I don’t know why but I really like this type of post so I wanted to do it today. On Monday, I’m going to post my reactions to your assumptions about me (you guys… they were the BEST) and that’s going to be really fun so definitely stay tuned. Anyway, enough with the intro… let’s get started!



*Soo little disclaimer here… I read a ton more books but I wanted to pick two favorites. And these won!*

Cover image for The war I finally wonThe War I Finally Won// Kimberly Brubaker Bradley

I read the previous book in this series to my siblings and honestly I really just wanted to know what happened to Ada… also now I want another book in the series. TBH I got so annoyed at Ada halfway through but now… i’m so sorry Ada! The ending 😰


Hardcover Anne of Green Gables Book

Anne of Green Gables (the whole series)//L. M. Montgomery

I don’t have this cover… BUT HOW PRETTY! OFC I’ve already read this series but I just had to read it again. My favorite book in the series is Rilla (the last one) just because. Even though it’s SO sad. null


Ariana’s Flying Life//Ari’s podcast is the best just like her blog! It’s been so fun to listen to her talk about diverse topics… guys I have a feeling that she’s AMAZING at debating. 😉

Blogging 101//If anyone should make this podcast, it’s Hannah. Because she’s a (very) successful blogger and entrepreneur, I’ve been hanging on to every single word of her podcast 😂 It’s amazing and you should definitely check it out!

Do you guys have a favorite podcast? If so, let me know- I’d love to check it out!



Soo I limited myself to five blogs… WHAT. Bad idea. 😲 There are so many blogs I wanted to include but didn’t because I wanted to do the first five that came to mind… no hard feelings if I didn’t include you! 😁

Ari//Ariana’s Flying Life//I know Ari’s blog is pretty much nominated in all my tags and I talk about her all the time but her blog is amazing! She’s a really sweet girl and her posts are always really uplifting and encouraging. She posts often so definitely go over and follow her! 

Maggie//Dreaming of Guatemala//Recently, Maggie’s blog has been one of my favorites. Her posts are very uplifting and are great reminders about God’s love for us. She also has been doing weekly challenges and positive change a lot recently, which is one of my favorite topics and a great reminder for me! Maggie’s blog is wonderful and you will not be disappointed if you go over and follow her.

Audrey Kate//The Junebug Blog//Audrey is so creative and her posts are so fun! I always love seeing a new one in my reader 😊 I found her blog pretty recently, and I’ve really been enjoying it. If you like creative posts, then check her blog out!

Covah//Dancing in the rain//I love Covah’s blog title and her design has me like… 😍 I really like her style of posts and they are always really fun. I would recommend her blog for sure!

Allison//A Farm Girls’ Life//Allison’s photography is really good, and I’m always really inspired after reading her posts. I don’t really know what to say about her site, but it’s really great and her photography is impressive. 😂




Soo I pretty much make a new playlist on Spotify every. single. day. But these are the songs that I include pretty much every time! Most (actually all) of them are worship songs…. 😂😂

  • in christ alone//the solid rock
  • washed away//nothing but the blood
  • oceans (where feet may fall)
  • our god
  • this is amazing grace
  • how great is our god
  • you say
  • blessed be the name of the lord

What did I tell you? 😂


This post was so fun! I hope you all enjoyed as well. Let me know your favorite podcast!


My Favorite Encouraging Bible Verses

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Another last-minute post idea. Haha. Anyway, today’s post is going to be all about my favorite encouraging bible verses. All the pretty images are from Hello Joy Co (formerly French Press Mornings) because they’re so cute!


Related image

1 Peter 1: 6- Be truly glad. There is wonderful joy ahead

Image result for hello joy co

Matthew 17:20 – Faith can move mountains

Image result for hello joy co

Psalm 107:1- Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, for his loving kindness endures forever.

Image result for hello joy co

Isaiah 26:3- You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you because he trusts in you.

Image result for hello joy co

Hebrews 11:1 – Faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.

Image result for hello joy co

Jeremiah 29:11- For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Image result for french press mornings

James 1:2- Count it all joy

Image result for french press mornings

I Corinthians 16:19- Do everything in love

Image result for french press mornings

Psalm 39:14- Seek peace and pursue it

Image result for french press mornings

Psalm 139:14 – I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

Image result for french press mornings

Micah 6:8 – Do justly, love mercy, walk humbly.

Related image

Romans 12:9 – Cling to that which is good

Image result for french press mornings

1 John 4:19 – He first loved us

Image result for french press mornings

Deuteronomy 31:6 – be strong and courageous


Wow- it was so hard to pick! Plus I couldn’t find some of my favorite bible verses, but that’s okay 🙂 Every verse in the bible is great! Anyway, see you all on Friday!


Announcing my new podcast: Christina’s Convos!

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I’m super excited to announce my new podcast!

I’ve seen quite a few people around the blogging world create podcasts, so I decided to try it out. Turns out it’s actually super easy! Introducing…

Christina’s Convos

Christina’s Convos: A podcast where new and experienced bloggers can learn more about blogging through tips from me and interviews with successful bloggers!

If you are subscribed to my email list, I actually announced this last week along with the first episode! If you’d like to have early access to special things like this, then sign up for my email list 😉.

Here’s the schedule for the next couple weeks:

Episode I: Debunking 5 of the most common myths about blogging March 8 

Episode II: Interview with a successful blogger (who is a surprise 😉) March 15

Episode III: Building your blog Part One: choosing a platform March 22

Episode IV: Building your blog Part Two: design tips and tricks March 29

Episode V: Interview with a successful blogger (another surprise!) April 5

Each new episode will be launched on Fridays, and an email will be sent out as a reminder/sneak peek for those who follow my email list.

🎉 If you consider yourself to be a successful blogger or have a couple tips and tricks about blogging, please let me know and you will probably/possibly be featured on an episode of Christina’s Convos! 🎉

Anyway, thank you guys so much for supporting me. I try not to be “sappy” or anything, but I really just want to thank you guys! You have made me so much more confident and I love all of you very much. ❤




What are your assumptions about me?

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I had planned to do “A day in the life of Emily” today, but I decided that there was a little too many pictures of Emily on here, haha. I have seen so many youtubers do this, and Maggie did it recently, which inspired me to do this also! So here’s how this will work:

  • You put your assumptions about me in the contact form below (I removed the need for an account so I won’t see who you are- that will make it easier for y’all to be honest!)



Example Assumptions:


    You’re tall

  • You like dogs

  • You love the color green 

When I get enough responses, then I’ll post my reactions 🙂


Peach and Poppy Snail Mail Kit Review

Peach and Poppy

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How are y’all? I’m actually going to be announcing something super fun next Friday so that will be exciting! (If you are subscribed to my email list you know what it is… HINT HINT). Anyway, I recently won a giveaway that Megan hosted for a Snail Mail Kit from her shop, Peach and Poppy!

p e a c h   a n d   p o p p y   l i n k

I also filmed a short (actually not so short, around 14 minutes haha) video about my favorite things from the Snail Mail Kit. Check that out if you are interested, and if you can’t watch YouTube no worries! However if you can and like the video, I would be thrilled if you subscribed! I’m working on growing my channel and I would be super happy 🙂 No pressure though!




The packaging… guys it was SO pretty! I didn’t want to tear it open but I’m so happy I did heehee.


I don’t really know why I took this picture but I was determined to take pictures of EVERYTHING for this post!


Guys. The colors. I actually saved all the packaging (i know!) because it was SO pretty.


This is what the package looked like before I opened it up. I love the label on the front and it really makes Peach and Poppy that much more professional.


Washi tape! Also I totally used these in my planner haha.


Glitter (!!) I was so excited to find this! It’s so bright and the color is so pretty 🙂


The lighting on this picture is the actual worst but look how cute these binder clips and paper clips are! They’re rose gold and way prettier in real life.


This string is such a fun pattern! I love the colors and I can’t wait to use it.


I’ve never tried out ATCs before, but I can’t wait! I love the fact that they are cut out already 🙂


Guys. Why was getting a picture of the three envelope/cards SO HARD. smh. The colors are bright and pretty, and I think that they are perfect for spring!


There was even an exciting bonus coloring page included! I was so excited 🙂


These postcards are so pretty! I love the contrast of the colors and the pictures in general haha.


Can I just say how cute it is that Megan drew/wrote on the package!!! Her flowers are so happy 🙂


O.o I love this scrapbook paper! The colors, the patterns, oh my word I’m never going to use it haha. I’ll just save it for the perfect use and lose it. Heehee.


These little cutouts are so cute! I love the watercolor style.


Getting a picture of this big notebook was actually quite hard! The notebook is great quality though 🙂


These are actually bookmarks, and I can’t wait to share them with friends 🙂


There were also a few cards about what was included, what to do with it, and just some really fun ideas!


e v e r y t h i n g

I LOVE IT! Seriously guys go buy this kit, it’s great 🙂


I hope y’all enjoyed! Check out Peach and Poppy 🙂


The Awesome Blogger Award

Awesome Blogger

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Hey, y’all! Audrey Kate over at The Junebug Blog nominated me for the Awesome Blogger award! Thank you so much, Audrey! I’m excited to this award 🙂


Here are the rules:

Thank the person/blogger who nominated you

Tag your post with #awesomebloggeraward                                                                 

Answer all the questions given to you

Nominate at least 5 bloggers and inform them of their nomination                           

Give them 10 new questions to answer

I’ve actually done this award before but I thought it would be fun to do it again since it was a while ago 🙂


Audrey’s awesome questions:

1. If you could go anywhere, where would it be? A tour of Europe! London, Paris, all the Europe heehee (and this probably doesn’t count because it’s lots of places but I’m totally doing it anyway). I love the history and everything would be so pretty!

2. Would you choose Ice cream or cake? Ice cream cake!!!! Actually I would probably choose ice cream just because…

3. Do you play any instruments? If so, what? Are there any you want to play? Yeah! So I play the piano and I plan to start playing the violin this year! I guess aside from that there aren’t really any others I want to play 🙂

4. What is the best book you’ve ever read? Oh Audrey must you?? I don’t know… My top favorites are LOTR (!!!!!) Martin Hospitality, and more LOTR. I’m obsessed…

5. Would you rather text, email, or write your friend? Hm. So mostly we text, but writing is fun! Email is great but I feel like we don’t ever do it haha. It would be fun to write more but texting is a lot less work.

6. Do you like drawing or painting? I like painting and drawing! I’m not a super great artist for just drawing, but I really like painting. I’d probably pick painting, but I’d love to to be a good artist (I totally wrote drawer instead of artist so many times haha)

7. What is your favorite food? Um. Chocolate. And Lumpia. xD

8. If you could have any color hair, what would it be? Maybe like a reddish brown color? Blond is pretty too. My natural hair is dark brown, maybe a light brown would be fun?

9. What is your favorite desert? Chocolate. 100% I love chocolate and now I want some so bad…

10. Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate? How can I choose? I would probably say tea because it’s healthier for you than hot chocolate, but of course I love me some hot chocolate. Because chocolate!! I’ve said chocolate WAY to many times in this post…I don’t really love coffee, but if I have it I like it DARK. All the way. I know I’m weird haha.

I nominate…

(linking to their most recent posts so they are notified)






My questions…

  1. What is your least favorite book you’ve ever read?
  2. What weird food combos do you secretly enjoy?
  3. What was the last photo you took?
  4. Do you like mountains or beach better?
  5. How long is your hair? How long would you want it to be? (weird question ik lol)
  6. What’s the weirdest pet you’ve ever had?
  7. Are you more of a drawing person or a handlettering person?
  8. What is your favorite pen?
  9. What would your dream bedroom look like?
  10. Do you have any siblings? Are you the oldest or the youngest or the middle?

It was hard to make up original questions haha! Anyway this post was really fun to do 🙂 If you’d like to do it but I didn’t nominate you feel free of course!








February Review//March Goals

post featured image.jpg

post featured image (1)

To be honest, I can’t believe that it’s March already! It feels like it was just New Year’s! So many amazing things have happened already this year! I’ve made a ton of awesome changes on C & C, Ariana and some other awesome ladies launched a new blog, and so many other bloggers have launched businesses or products! Y’all. 2019 is OUR YEAR! Anyway…


Reviewing February

sooo…. I didn’t do quite as well as I had hoped on my goals this month. But that’s okay! Some of my goals were a bit too ambitious and I’m hoping to tone it down a little bit this month (more, but smaller goals).

p e r s o n a l

1) Walk every day I think I intentionally took a walk like three times this month… TOTAL failure. 😛

2) Read through Numbers Yay! I actually did great on this one and I’m already done with Joshua! (As of Sunday the 24th when I’m writing this) I’m thrilled that I was able to complete this goal! 

3) Journal every day I journaled once this month. On the third. Wow. I totally failed AGAIN. heehee I knew I would fail this one though… 

b l o g g i n g

1) Post every Monday and Friday YAY! I actually did this 🙂 Sooo happy to have done this!!

2) Send out emails every week I did it every week but one… nooooo!!! oops 😦


March Goals

p e r s o n a l

  1. Make $90- I’m saving up money and I want to make upwards of $90 this month. Pretty self explanatory, haha.
  2. Read through 1st Samuel– In order to stay on track with reading the bible in a year, I need to read through 1st Samuel this month (I just finished Joshua). I was pretty thrilled with what I accomplished last month (see above) so I’m pumped about this one.
  3. Make/Keep a prayer journal– This was actually one of my 2019 goals and I want to start this month.
  4. Journal daily– yeah. soo I don’t think I’ll actually do this but I’m going to try. Remembering to do it is always hard because I don’t like to do it in the morning (I haven’t actually done anything to journal about yet) and at night I don’t really have any time. Do y’all have any tips for me?

a c a d e m i c

  1. Finish Omnibus Secondary Selfpaced– yay! I only have like 10-12 more sessions and so I’m pretty sure I can do this in March. Even if I take an entire week off 🙂 I’m pretty thrilled about my progress with Secondary and it’s a lot of fun. Primary, not so much…
  2. Keep a Practice Log for piano– I generally practice every day for 30-45 minutes but I want to keep a calendar for the length of time. It’s always a good idea to track your progress on anything really and it’s really fun to look back on.
  3. Practice Spanish every day– Those of you learning a language know that it is so important to immerse yourself in it. I want to practice Spanish daily, whether it’s Duolingo, Memrise, Spanish Homework/Class, or talking to a Spanish person.

b l o g g i n g

  1. Blog every Monday and Friday (nine times)- Pretty sure I can do this! Plus WP scheduling tool is my friend 😛
  2. Send out emails on Thursday four times– I’m going to try to do this! Honestly it’s not that hard but I need to REMEMBER about it. A lot of the time it’s Thursday morning and I have it on my to-do list but I forget about it. heehee


Whew! Did y’all enjoy this post? I feel like posting my goals for each month has made me more motivated to do them- do y’all bloggers agree with me? See you on Monday with an exciting post!