What’s on my camera roll?//Recent Photography


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Today I’m going to be sharing a bunch of my recent photos πŸ™‚ Recently I’ve tried to get out and take pictures of the sunset/rise but none of them have turned out 😦 Do y’all have any tips for getting good pictures of the sky in general?




It was my first time attempting to get a picture of our neighbor’s cat that loves hanging around our house… she/he (honestly idk) was like “what are you doing” lol.


anytime i say “smile for the picture” agg why is she so cute?


i don’t even know what i like about this picture. haha


her guilty face. she was being mean to the kitty and I told her to stop, this is the face she made! it was so hard to not laugh…


J playing with the neighbor boy… I loved the colors I guess?


Fine I’ll let you see another adorable picture of her….. actually I’ve probably showed you too many already, you’re probably bored lol.


I told her to make “the kevin face”.


More “Kevin Face” from a different angle.


Her little squinty smile gets me every time…



Did you enjoy the pictures? Honestly I really only get ones of Emily, I need to start getting more of other things haha. Do you get the “Kevin Face”?Β please tell me you do




13 thoughts on “What’s on my camera roll?//Recent Photography

  1. Aww I love these pictures, haha! Emily is so cute πŸ™‚
    I’ve found that for taking pictures of the sky (especially of the sunrise/set), if you bring down the exposure of the photo (on my iPhone, you tap once and bring down the light the lens lets in), that can help the camera to focus! Of course, you also have to find a suitable location to view the horizon, which I can never accomplish because there are power lines EVERYWHERE haha

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  2. Cute photos, Christina! She’s SO cute!
    My favorite tips for taking sunset/rise photos are to lower the shutter speed and to raise the aperture. Oh! And flash makes mine looked wash out. Just a few things I’ve learned😊
    Great pictures!

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