A Peek at my Planner//How I plan my week

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Today I’m going to be sharing how I plan my week. It’s actually a very simple process but y’all wanted to see more planner posts so I decided to show you!


How I Plan my Week

  1. Decorate! I probably shouldn’t do this first, but it’s my favorite part. I spend way too long looking at adorable planner spreads and then pick a theme/color scheme. Then I draw, handletter, and add tape to my planner spread so that it looks pretty!
  2.  Write out weekly goals. I attached a screenshot below, but let’s be real- I don’t normally make them super pretty with cute fonts. (But seriously am I the only one who is sick of calibri? please tell me I’m not). These goals generally aren’t for school, but more for health/personal well being. I rarely get to them all, but it’s worth a try!


On this particular week my goals were:

  1. Workout every day for at least 10 minutes- It seems like such a short time but sometimes that’s all I have time for! Generally I can workout for 10 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the afternoon which ends up being 30 minutes. So not much but it works for now!
  2. Read a book for fun. Y’all. I LOVE to read anything and everything and I’ll do this anyway. But I just wanted to make it important to have that relaxing time of intentionally reading a book 🙂
  3. Journal every day. Soo…. I failed my goal of journaling for the entire month of Febuary (I only did it once, on the 2nd ) but I decided to attempt it for just one week. I will probably fail but I will at least tru!
  4. Earn $20- It might not seem like much but I’m working on earning extra money for a camp and this goal of $20/week is SUPER manageable and very easy to accomplish. Hopefully I can make closer to $40 this week but I try to lower my goals to give me some wiggle room.
  5. Finish the book of Judges- I’m trying to read the bible in a year and this is the next book (three more chapters in Joshua!). I think I can finish Judges this week.
  6. No carry over assignments- this may sound confusing but it’s actually quite simple. Basically, I make a daily plan for each day of the week. If I don’t finish an assignment on the day that I wrote in my planner to finish it then I move it to the next day (carrying it over). Honestly I end up doing this WAY too much and I’m trying to break that habit haha.

And that is how I pick my weekly goals… but I’m not even done planning my week yet! 🙂

3. Look at my assignment sheets for school

I go to Schoology and StudyPlace, my live online class portals//places where I view assignments and check to see what’s due that week/next week.

6. Check blog planner

Basically, I check my excel spreadsheet and write in which posts I need to write that week. Pretty simple!

5.Write it down!

Then, I write all the assignments down in my planner. Honestly one of the easiest steps haha.


Planner Photos

I thought y’all might want to see some pictures of my planner//examples, so here you go!


My cover page for March- so easy! I just used clipart I had on hand and drew a little title as well 🙂
I might not be great at handlettering but this was pretty hard to mess up on… yay!
My monthly goals/habit trackers page
The PERFECT verse for a goals/habits page 🙂 It’s through him, not me.
An example of my mini habit tracker. Not very pretty but I like it!
Agg I would share where I got this adorable clipart but I have no idea. I have a bad habit which is downloading every single piece of clipart I find….
My blog goals page!
This is about as artsy as I am… not at all. haha
When you make a pretty big mistake on a page… just use a fox sticker amiright?
I was SO proud of this peacock lol.
Ooh sadly that pen doesn’t work anymore but this week was so pretty!
I love the verse, even if my art isn’t very good 🙂
More of that pretty in pink week!
Another great verse with not-so-great art lol
Ooh I loved making this!


And a little peek at my planner cover 🙂




I hope y’all enjoyed! I sure did 🙂


P.S. Y’ALL THIS IS THE 100TH POST ON C & C! I can’t believe it 🙂 I’m so excited for how far I’ve come! I’m actually already planning an exciting giveaway for the two year blogiversary!!! 😛




What’s on my camera roll?//Recent Photography


post featured image camera roll

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Today I’m going to be sharing a bunch of my recent photos 🙂 Recently I’ve tried to get out and take pictures of the sunset/rise but none of them have turned out 😦 Do y’all have any tips for getting good pictures of the sky in general?




It was my first time attempting to get a picture of our neighbor’s cat that loves hanging around our house… she/he (honestly idk) was like “what are you doing” lol.


anytime i say “smile for the picture” agg why is she so cute?


i don’t even know what i like about this picture. haha


her guilty face. she was being mean to the kitty and I told her to stop, this is the face she made! it was so hard to not laugh…


J playing with the neighbor boy… I loved the colors I guess?


Fine I’ll let you see another adorable picture of her….. actually I’ve probably showed you too many already, you’re probably bored lol.


I told her to make “the kevin face”.


More “Kevin Face” from a different angle.


Her little squinty smile gets me every time…



Did you enjoy the pictures? Honestly I really only get ones of Emily, I need to start getting more of other things haha. Do you get the “Kevin Face”? please tell me you do



Easy Desk Diys

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Aggg I’m not really on top of it right now. It’s 10AM on Monday… and I haven’t even diyed anything? So yeah… this post will be a little different than usual, but I’ll try to make it awesome!


DIY #1

This cereal box organizer! My siblings made it for me and I love it 🙂 It’s super easy (just excuse the fact that I have no pictures….)

  1. Grab a large cereal box. If you want it to fit notebooks, folders, and binders, than family size works! If you don’t have a family size cereal box then you may need to find a different use for it- I definitely recommend using a bigger box 🙂
  2. Using a ruler, draw lines on your box. Depending on how tall you want the front part to be, draw a line. You can measure it against a folder or notebook, but I did around halfway up the box. Also draw lines going from that to the back top on each side.
  3. Cut on the lines you marked. Pretty self explanatory…
  4. Decorate! My tip is to use scrapbook paper, but if you have a ton of washi tape that would work too. Honestly you can do anything- handletter, paint, watercolor… Make it you!


DIY #2

Art! This is the best way ( I think) to make your desk you + usable! If you’re super artsy (unlike me haha) then you can make your own art, but if not you can use google, Pinterest, or really anything! A lot of the things I end up using are actually for a class (like a memory verse or important things I need to remember) and I use a cute font to make them adorable!

t i p s:

  1. You don’t need fancy software or skills to make these! If I can make them so can you 🙂 I mostly use Microsoft word or publisher (word is easier)- google docs is great but I don’t love the fonts. There are some fun ones but I have favorites on my computer as well.
  2. Fonts: fonts are actually super easy. When I find a font I like, I google the name (and add font to the end) and websites come up with them! Then I download the font and reopen the design program I’m using so that it includes the new font. (some of) My favorites:

Frente H1

Rottitary Feminine

Sweet Pea

Watermelon Script Demo

KG eyes wide open

Janda Elegant Script


DIY #3

You can’t really see it in this picture, but it’s a tray//dry erase board.

my inspiration:

Related image

Just google “picture frame dry erase board” and you can see a ton of these! They are super easy to make.

  1. Find a picture frame with glass on the front. Your family probably has some old ones, but if not they’re quite cheap at thrift stores.
  2. Cut a piece of paper (or scrapbook paper) to fit the picture frame.
  3. NOTE: if you used scrapbook paper just remember to pick something that works with dry erase markers!
  4. Decorate! You can handletter/draw something- or if you used scrapbook paper you can be done!
  5. Write! You can draw or write notes to yourself… or use it as a cute tray!




Well…. sorry that this post wasn’t awesome! I tried to make it pretty good, but it’s probably not lol.


Desk Tour

post featured image touring my desk

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This is the first post in a mini-series about my desk! The next post will be on Monday 🙂 Today, I’m going to be giving you all a tour of my desk! This was requested when I asked for post ideas- if you have any more, please let me know on this post.



An overview of my desk

Note: the table to the left (which you can just barely see in the picture, oops!) is part of my desk too, but it doesn’t have anything on it and it’s really just a place to spread out when doing homework or taking notes.


Closer shot of my desk 🙂


This is the wall above my whiteboard- I generally keep encouraging quotes, calendars, and tools up here. (I also just realized that I still have my January calendar up- I cropped some of it out of the photo but it’s up there. oops!


My current Verso de Memoria (Memory Verse) for Spanish class: Proverbios 3:1-8 (Proverbs)


An adorable bible verse that a lady in our church made my mom- you bet I snatched it right up! (Actually my mom gave it to me, don’t worry)


I honestly don’t need this anymore, but it’s a chart to remember the regular verb conjugations in Spanish. I made it toward the beginning of the school year when I was having a lot of trouble with them..


Wow this is… not so cute? I made this a while ago, maybe I’ll make a new one to put up there.


Now we’re onto the whiteboard! I copied this art (can you tell I’m not an artist at all?) from something I found that I liked. Great verse, but I didn’t do it very well 😦


I’m trying to earn ~300 dollars for a Christian camp I want to go to this summer, and this is a super simple tracker I made for it 🙂


I’m tracking the amount of practice time for piano in February, so I just printed out a cute calendar 🙂


My handy dandy expo markers (which are totally crooked, oops)


My little… storage tray? I normally keep books on it. Right now I have a notepad, birthday card (actually my birthday was not recent, I have no idea why that’s there…) The Scarlet Pimpernel, and a math book I got from the library.


My planner!


An ugly shot of my computer. Pretty self-explanatory, I guess.


My random little storage thingys. The pencil pouch holds my brush pens, pens, pencils, and highlighters.


The cute but falling apart folder holder my brothers made me. It holds all my school folders and stuff, haha.


My random box of papers + craft supplies… it’s a mess but organized if that makes sense? I’ve had the box/drawer since age 5 which explains the stickers on the front… lol.


This is the top drawer of that cube thingy. I put my bigger binders + books I’m reading for school in here.


Currently reading for school:

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader by C.S. Lewis (actually we just finished this, on to The Silver Chair)

The History of the Kings of Britian by Geoffrey

Richard lll by Shakespeare (we just finished this one too, Ephesians from the Bible next)


And this horribly blurry picture of my dictionary 🙂


My Spanish and Science binders


Below the drawer in the cube is where I put my textbooks/manuals.


And ending with this awful self-timer picture of me writing in my planner 🙂



Thanks for reading 🙂 Happy (Belated) Valentine’s Day! Did you all read the story behind it in school? We did, every single class and then later at dinner, hahaha.



My Dream House Tour



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So. I’ve been blogging twice a week for like a week now and I. Love. It. It’s so fun! I hope you guys like it too (because I’m totally not going back).  Hannah just posted her dream house tour, and I loved it so much that I decided to make mine too! I’d say that my style is pretty classic, but minimalist, and farmhouse//country//boho too. Pretty much a little bit of everything, actually!null


Related image
I love it! It’s so natural and clean and pretty 🙂
I love this so much! All the windows xD. And those doors are just so pretty! This is like the entrance to the yard, I guess?

Need I say more?


I really like this entry for a small space because there’s seating, storage for shoes, bags, and jackets, and decorations. Entryways are really important because they are the first thing people see of your house!

Living Room

So. Pretty. I love this one! Just imagine another white couch to the right of where the picture ends.


In love! The green/blush accents are so pretty. And the island is so functional! The open shelving (but not too much!) and subway tile are gorgeous.

Dining Room

This is so pretty! I love all the different tones of wood.

Playroom//Family Room

This is so cute! I love how it’s kid, family, and guest friendly 🙂


I would probably hog this (sorry kids) but i totally have a reason! It’s so fun and bright and girly, while still minimalistic and neat.


AGG is it wrong to want this bedroom? Also pretty sure that no baby is sleeping in that crib (I hope) because those big pillows are definitely safety hazards.

This room is so fun, girly, young, and classy at the same time. I love the lights and the lamp!

Image result for boy bedroom white

I love how this boy’s bedroom is unique but not super cluttered.

Modern Farmhouse Master Bedroom

I love this bedroom! So relaxed 🙂


Image result for farmhouse bathroom

This one is so pretty! I love the shower curtain.

Image result for farmhouse bathroom

I love this! It’s so luxurious and relaxing.

Image result for farmhouse bathroom

Another bathroom like the first one- I love that style!

Image result for kids bathroom

This is perfect for kids 🙂 I love it.


I hope you guys enjoyed this! I sure did 🙂


Recent Reads

post featured image recent reads

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Wow! It’s a lot of work to blog twice a week, but so far (lol this is like the first week of doing this) I love it! Today’s post is basically going to be reviews of my favorite books that I’ve read recently. This is one of the categories of posts (book reviews) that you all really wanted to see when I asked– feel free to still comment on that post or comment what you’d like to see next on this post. Anyway, let’s get started with the post!


recent reads called for life


Related imageThis book. It’s certainly not fiction but I think everyone should read it. It’s the story of Kent and Amber Brantly, who were medical missionaries when an Ebola outbreak started. (Ebola is a super dangerous sickness that can be transferred through pretty much anything and almost always results in death). Spoiler alert: (don’t worry only the white text is a spoiler. Select it and then you can see.) None of the main characters die. This book is great (but it made me cry so much guys. like I NEVER cry when I read…) and I really recommend it. It’s very medically detailed (but pretty easy to understand, and not super gross-you-out, if you know what I mean).

recent reads fish in a tree

Image result for fish in a tree

The book cover for this is a little creepy (hello fish staring right at me) but the rest is ADORABLE. I love the colored letters (and I *think* they’re really significant in the book too).  The name is based on the quote by Albert Einstein: “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” Agg this book is so cute. It’s geared for a younger (maybe upper elementary?) reader, but the story is so deep and sweet that it really doesn’t matter. Ally goes through such a transformation in this book and learns to live without a label. Guys just read this book okay? Seriously, you won’t regret reading it.

recent reads one for the murphys

Image result for one for the murphys


This book is great! It’s probably intended for like sixth grade (maybe? I guess?) but it’s another one of those books that is great for every age (at least 10, though). I wish a couple scenes were taken out (the bread//rolls scene, maybe all that extra stuff with Toni, and some of the scenes with Mrs. Murphy.) Other then that, this book was great- I would recommend it.


I recently discovered a video for this book that’s super cute. It’s a group of 8th graders acting out the book, and it’s certainly not professional by any means, but it’s *pretty* true to the story and doesn’t take out that much. Anyway, if you want to watch it, check it out on this link: YOUTUBE LINK.

recent reads the giver

Image result for the giver

This book. You’ve probably read it before (I have!) but it’s just so good.  While it’s intended for middle and upper grade readers, anyone 10+ can read it. It’s very clean, but I don’t think that anyone under 10 would appreciate or understand the story. The story is just the sweetest… I’m off to read the rest of the books in the series (again) now. But really, just read








Sooo… did you enjoy this post! I enjoyed writing (and reading) this.




Christina and Camera CHANGES

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agg why do I have no idea how to start posts?

ANYWAY…. how was your weekend? Mine was great! My Dad was home, and a break from school is considered great no matter what, haha. On Friday, I talked about my goals for February (and I have already failed the journaling one… I didn’t journal on the 1st. I know, I’m a horrible person. Seriously. I might be able to catch up on that, but I don’t know, haha. And I ramble way too much.) but I also hinted at a couple fun new changes to Christina and Camera. Soo… here they are! I’ll also be sharing the results from my question about what posts y’all what to see.



Two posts per week// I’m changing up the amount of posts per week.  They’ll probably be a little shorter, but hopefully around the same length. I really want to get more content out there, and I love blogging, so we’ll see if this works out.

snow mountain under stars

Email List// I seriously haven’t been able to use this like I wanted too. Most bloggers send out emails with their posts, but if I’m email subscribed to them too, it gets annoying. Soo… what do you guys want to see in the email list? The stuff that I normally put in there are things I want to feature on the blog, so I really don’t know! Maybe more personal stuff??? Honestly I have no idea.

water stream surrounded with green trees

More personal// Honestly, I’ve been treating blogging like a business. Posts have to be done by a certain date, I must have this amount of followers, I need to be as professional as possible, yada yada yada. While this mindset is great for some people (aka those who actually blog as their job) I really need to stop. Healthy goals//deadlines are great, but I don’t need them to be set in stone. Y’all’s favorites of my posts are generally the personal ones, and the impersonal, business-style posts don’t get much feedback. how did I just figure this out!?! Basically, I want to post more things that are peeks into my real life, and more things that are personal to you guys.

pine trees field near mountain under sunset

Post ideas// Here’s the part of the show post where larry comes out and sings a silly song I share the results for what you guys want to see. Plus does nobody get that reference? Please please someone get that reference. I don’t want to be the only Veggie Tales fan out there… *looks around awkwardly*


I suggested 8  categories, and you guys also made up 2 more.

  1. Devotional//Bible study series 4 votes
  2.  DIY//Crafting 4 votes
  3. Desk tour//organization ideas 5 votes
  4. The Lego Vlogs 1 vote
  5. Book reviews 5 votes
  6. Tags//Q & A// Collabs 3 votes
  7. Recent photography 4 votes
  8. Planner//planning 5 votes
  9. Animal related one of your categories, 1 vote
  10. Movie reviews one of your categories, 1 vote

So. I’ll be sharing pretty much all of the categories with 4-5 votes this month (except Bible Study series, I’m still working on that, but hopefully I’ll be sharing that sometime in March or April.




Bye, see you all on Friday with another post! Please chat with me in the comments.


the pictures in this post are from unsplash, a lazy photographer’s best friend 

February Goals

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February is going to be a huge month for C & C (beware I’ll pretty much say this every single month in 2019… #sorrynotsorry ) and I’m super excited for it. Next week (on Monday, actually), I’ll be posting more about the fun new changes I have in store, but for now, I’ll be sharing my goals for February.


p e r s o n a l

01) Walk every day I’m probably (aka definitely) going to fail this one… but I want to try to take a walk every day.

02)  Read through Numbers I decided to read the entire bible in 2019 (halfway through January) and I actually JUST finished Genesis. If I want to stay on track, though, I need to read Exodus, Leviticus, and Numbers this month. Ahhhh! I really really need to do this but it’s going to be hard. .

03)  Journal every day I’m going to fail this. lol. I really want to do this, but I’m awful at journaling//keeping up with it. I honestly don’t love writing about my day , but I’ll probably make it a mix of gratitude, prayer, and, of course, writing about my day.


b l o g g i n g 

1)   Post every Monday and Friday You’ll learn more about this in Monday’s post, but I’m trying to post every week this month (and year)- twice!

2)  Send out emails every week I really need to use my email list… and figure out a way to integrate it with C & C.


Sorry that this post was so short.  I’m trying to post more often with less meaty posts (but not super short like this one )