RATC Week 3


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Time for RATC! Oh, and by the way, I totally messed up.



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Christina (you’re here)



Check out the post where I introduce this contest before you ask any questions- the answers might be there.

Week 3 Challenges:

Remember, there are 3 categories: Photography, Writing, and DIY. You don’t have to choose one category- you can do as many as you want.


Take a  photo of books (5)

Take a photo of an animal or pet you don’t own (your neighbors pet, a friends pet, an animal from the zoo…)  (10)

Take a photo of something you think is beautiful (15)


Write a journal entry (it doesn’t have to be about you) (5)

Write a story about yourself as a child (could be true or fictional) (10)

Write a story (between 500-1500 words) about a character running a business (bakery, lemonade stand, store…) and the trials they go through (15)


Sketch a drawing of yourself (5)

Draw a picture or series of pictures showing a dream you once had! (10)

Make a craft where you can only use  paper, Popsicle sticks, glue or tape, your choice of drawing utensil (pencil, crayons, markers…), photos from a magazine, and streamers. You don’t have to use them all: be creative!


Remember, you don’t have to do everything! I recommend doing at least 2-3.

Week 2 Submissions


Kaelyn  https://kaelynslife.wordpress.com/
Team 1 :  Bird: 30 points

Shekina- 30 points

Love Photo (15)

Garden Photo (10)

Take a picture of something of your choice (5)

Team 3: Squirrel: 40 points
Lila: 30 points!
– c h r i s t i n a