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Announcing: The RATC Challenge!

This challenge is hosted by:



Christina (you’re here)


CLICK THOSE LINKS!!! I promise, you will love all of those blogs 🙂



What is R.A.T.C?

R.A.T.C is the Random Awesome Topics Challenge!

What are the topics and how do I find them?

Every Thursday, Ari, Rhi, Liz, and I will be posting the challenges for the week. (Their blogs are linked above- give them a follow while you’re at it. They deserve it 🙂

What do I need to do?

There are 3 categories: Photography, Writing, and DIY. You can do only 1 or as many as you want. Each one will give you a certain amount of points. (Example: Writing- Write a short story about a summer vacation gone wrong {15 points}). You’ll need to submit your work by the next Wednesday at midnight.

How do I submit my work?

You have a couple options for this one:

  1. Post it on your blog and put the link in the comments on Ari, Liz, Rhi, or my blog! It’s that easy 🙂
  2. Email it to Ari, Liz, Rhi, or me. You can find my email on the contact page.


  • There are three teams! The teams are: Mouse, Squirrel, and Bird. We will decide which people go on which team.

A note about teams:

There are 3 teams- Mouse, Squirrel, and Bird. We’ll just assign all of you to a random team, so don’t worry about that :).

Okay, I’m hooked- How do I sign up?

Take this simple poll to enter the contest. Enter your name and blog if you have one to enter. Please don’t put Anonymous- if you can’t say your name, you can make up a code XD! That’s way more fun than putting Anonymous.

Check out the poll here to sign up.






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