Create your own look book

I made a lookbook for all the Create your owns I’ve been making.

First up: Maddie


Maddie loves Nature! She goes on hikes near the lake often to see her animals. Maddie has long black hair, brown eyes, and glasses.

Next is Liarra!


Liarra loves to travel! She doesn’t have a pet because she can’t travel with it. Liarra has medium light blond curls that she normally keeps pulled back.



Gracey is your typical city girl! She loves music and plays piano. Gracey has long black hair and bangs.



Keira has a funky style and she’s proud of it! She loves writing, especially when she can do it at the beach. Keira has medium wavy brown hair and blue eyes.



Terry is different. Maybe it’s because she has one hazel eye and one grey eye? Or because her crazy curls are caramel instead of black? Or maybe it’s because of her kind heart and sweet smile. She’s a good kind of different.

I want to write a story about these characters. I love their personalities! How would y’all like to see a story, updated with a new chapter every two weeks- on a page here on DBTD. We could make it follower locked too! Please tell me if you’d like that in the comments!



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